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Презентація на тему:
"The most popular professions in America"

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"The most popular professions in America"

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Слайд 1

The most popular professions in America

Слайд 2

Statistics : In 2012, half of the popular professions were health workers. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 12.7 million Americans are unemployed. Most of the unemployed are recent college graduates.

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Слайд 4

Expert's Advice Experts advise to monitor the labor market and choose the right profession.

Слайд 5

The problem After college, the profession can not be demanded in the labor market.

Слайд 6

Top 10 popular professions: Biomedical Engineer Biomedical engineers develop medical equipment and devices - from artificial hearts to the systems for the delivery of drugs. Average salary: $76,000

Слайд 7

Telecommunications Network Engineer Professionals who plan, design, troubleshoot and monitor the construction and operation of telecommunication networks. These networks are used for video communication. Average salary: $ 87,000

Слайд 8

Physician Assistant Physician Assistant to perform a daily inspection of the patient, analysis, advice and even prescribes medicine under the supervision of a physician. Average salary: $ 92,000

Слайд 9

Software Architect Architects often work with customers and product managers and serve as a link between the Engineering Department and the Department of Business at the company. So, this profession is more diverse than a profession programmer. Average salary: $ 119,000

Слайд 10

Environmental Engineer Environmental engineers use engineering skills to protect the environment - solve the problem of air pollution, water treatment, waste management, alternative energy sources and energy, working both in private and in public sectors. Average salary: $ 81,000

Слайд 11

Physical Therapist Evaluates and improves the functionality of the patient. Helps to recover from the operation. Average salary: $ 75,000

Слайд 12

Optometrist Specialist who diagnoses and treating eye diseases. Average salary: $ 108,000

Слайд 13

Employment Recruiter Employment Recruiter places ads on search candidate for the open position, studies and interviews candidates, advising managers and employees on personnel policies. Average salary: $ 60,000

Слайд 14

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist Security experts identify the sources of environmental pollution that affect the environment or human health. Average salary: $ 71,000

Слайд 15

Occupational Therapist Specialist to help you use workflows for medicinal purposes. Average salary: $ 72,000

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