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Слайд 1

The most useful Phrasal Verbs

Слайд 2

Put off When you put off something or put off doing something, you delay or postpone it. When you put people off, you delay doing something they want you to do. Buying a new house will have to be put off until we can afford it.

Слайд 3

Carry on 2. When you carry on, you continue as before, despite a difficult experience in your life. It was difficult for Mrs. Nelson to carry on after her husband died.

Слайд 4

Give in 3. When someone pressures or forces you to do something or allow something even though you do not want to, you give in. My son drove me crazy asking me to buy him a new bicycle, and I finally gave in.

Слайд 5

Give up 4. When you stop trying to do something because you think you will never succeed, you give up or give up on it. Forget it! This is impossible — I give up!

Слайд 6

Call off 5. When you call off an event, such as a party, game, or something else that had been previously planned, you cancel it. The football game was called off because of rain.

Слайд 7

Look after 6. When you look after somebody or something it means you are taking care of somebody or something. Babysitters look after children.

Слайд 8

Pull through 7. When you recover  from a serious illness or injury , you pull through.   The doctor didn't think his chances were very good, but he pulled through.

Слайд 9

Put up with 8. When you put up with something you do not like or are not happy about, you accept it and do not try to change it. Her neighbors have loud parties every night, but she doesn't complain. She just puts up with it.

Слайд 10

Blow out 9. Defeat decisively The Broncos blew out the Raiders 55-0.

Слайд 11

Look down on 10. When you look down on people, you consider them to be less intelligent, less educated, or from a lower level of society than you. Some people look down on Hank because his father was in prison.

Слайд 12

Pass out 11. Faint, lose consciousness He got so drunk that he passed out.

Слайд 13

Turn into 12. When something turns into something else, it becomes that thing. It's amazing that this small seed can turn into a huge tree.

Слайд 14

Get away with 13. When you do something that is sneaky or wrong and you are not punished or criticized for it because no one knows or cares about it, you get away with it. He got away with killing his ex-wife even though everyone knew he was guilty.

Слайд 15

Look up 14. Search for Look me up next time you are in town!

Слайд 16

Break up 15. When two people end a romantic relationship, they break up. When you end a romantic relationship with another person, you break up with that person. When other people cause a couple to break up, they break the couple up. I was sad to hear that Jim and Nancy had broken up.

Слайд 17


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