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Презентація на тему:
The language of international communication is English

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The language of international communication is English

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Слайд 1

«The language of international communication is English». This work was made by Akulova Natalia, pupil of the 10th form. The teacher of English Maidaniuk Yulia Vladimirovna.

Слайд 2

«To interest my schoolmates in studying the English language».

Слайд 3

Results of poll: 1. - Yes 70 % - No 30 % 2. - Yes 60 % - No 40 % 3. - Yes 90 % - No 10 % 4. - Yes 85 % - No 15 % Some questions of the questionnaire: Whether you are interested in learning of foreign languages? Whether hard language studying is given to you? Whether you consider that the knowledge of foreign languages is useful? Whether you consider, what the formed person should know at least one foreign language? From 20 interrogated 14 are interested in studying of languages, but they have some difficulties in it. 12 of them answer that they don’t want additional lessons of English. Although all of them think that well-educated person should know at least one of foreign language.

Слайд 4

Примеры Заданий (Examples of tasks) E Y S T U G O V K A T I T O V E Z Y S H E S S L E P Z O V A D J A U Q P F L D O M E D V E D Z E V A K M A D O Z A I Z E V A N K R U K O V I G N 1. Find surnames of the Olympic champions in a crossword puzzle. 2.Find kinds of winter sports in a circle. 2. 1.Va_co__er 2. T__in 3. Sa_t Lak_ _ity 3. 3. Insert the passed letters into names of capitals of the winter Olympic Games. Tasks are carried out on the basis of the read text.

Слайд 5

Project photo album

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Слайд 7

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