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European Day of Languages

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European Day of Languages

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Слайд 1

European Day of Languages Ulyana Ryabishenko group 123 Berislav’s Pedagogical College

Слайд 2

"To know a lot of languages - means to have many keys to one lock"

Слайд 3

Foreign languages Almost in all countries pupils of an elementary school are obliged to learn a foreign language. English, French, German, Spanish and Russian 95 % of the foreign languages studied in the majority of the countries make.

Слайд 4

Interesting facts Linguists agree in opinion for a long time already, that English the most difficult for studying among all European languages.

Слайд 5

They have counted up, that English children learn native grammar approximately 2, 5 years, at that time, studying other languages from zero, it is necessary for children only about one year to master the native language.

Слайд 6

And here the simple language, according to the same linguists in respect of a pronunciation and reading is Finnish. But the grammar in it is much more difficult English, after all in the Finnish language already than 15 cases. But in it as the sound so it and is written is heard.

Слайд 7

Who does not know another's languages, does not know anything about his own. Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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