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Слайд 1

STEREOTYPICAL PERCEPTION OF THE BRITISH BY EUROPEANS by Polina Kyrychenko 11 Grade Bila Tserkva Lyceum of Economics and Law

Слайд 2

The topicality of the research focuses on the trends of mass learning of English identifying of stereotypes about English society unwritten rules of behavior in it how these rules reflect national character of the British

Слайд 3

distinguish important skills which every person interested in English would find essential We set the aim to build an algorithm of behaviour of the Englishmen

Слайд 4

Subject of the research is perception of the British by Europeans. Theoretical and practical methods were used for this work

Слайд 5

The novelty of this work is based on the identifying of the most significant stereotypes of the personalities who are interested in their English knowledge improving, and also researching of the major problems in the perception of the British nation representatives by foreigners.

Слайд 6

Relevance of the chosen research topic is determined by the development of globalization and partial loss of national features of nations that are the part of the European Community.

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

The research materials could be used to enhance the interest of the Ukrainian society in preserving their national identity and respect for the traditions and mentality of other nations, including native English speakers and deeper understanding of the language processes.

Слайд 9

Objectives of our research:

Слайд 10

«National identity is something that has ongoing character, extends into the future and into the past, it contains something not to be eradicated like in an alive creature» George Orwell

Слайд 11

Such aspects aim the young people in understanding the importance of language skills and motivate teenagers:

Слайд 12

What do I know about English? What I know about the people to whom this language belongs?

Слайд 13

The language of each nation is an integral part of the general mentality of representatives in a state. Therefore understanding the nation will lead to deeper understanding of the language and will be formed at the subconscious level.

Слайд 14

We discovered a set of complex forms of unusual and illogical behavior, strange persuasion and manic eccentric habits.

Слайд 15

Foreigners often accuse the British in coldness.

Слайд 16

It was found that even if a person is fluent in English, they will never feel confident when talking to the British.and her behavioral "grammar" will be full of blunders.

Слайд 17

Reflexes British innate impulses. Cultural analogues of Law of Attraction. Humor Humor is the most effective, planted in Englishman genetic antidote to their social inconvenience. English humor is a reflex, spontaneous reaction, especially when the British feel discomfort or inconvenience: if you do not know what to say, tell jokes. Hypocrisy One of the stereotypes, secrets we wanted and tried to comprehend. We can say that their forms of politeness /modesty/justice imbued hypocritical, but true is the fact that almost always their hypocrisy is a form of politeness. Moderation The desire to avoid extremes, excess and intensity of any kind. Fear of change. Fear of fuss. Blame incontinence and the need to restrain their desires. Worldview Persuasion of the English. Their way of thinking about the nature of things. Empiricism is peculiar British earthiness, prose, their pragmatism, cynical and arrogant practicality, their die-hard realism Pessimism For a typical English whining qualitative difference. Pessimism is their special kind of fatalism. Fairness, "fair game" The principle of fair play is the basis of almost all aspects of the unwritten behavioral etiquette. Modesty They say the opposite of what people are trying to make clear, or use intentional understatement. Politeness Politeness as defined involves some artificiality and hypocrisy, but English politeness is almost always a pureformality, compliance with the rules, rather than an expression of genuine participation. Moral values The ideals of the British. Their basic guidelines, moral standards under which they try to build their lives, even though they do not always do it. Core: social awkwardness "Core" of English uniqueness. Social awkwardness is short hand notation of all our social systems and chronic defects.

Слайд 18

In this research were discovered the main principles of stereotypical perception of the British. Therefore, were analyzed the relevance of English learning and its application in the field of activity of the person who studies or tries to improve own language skills. Conclusion

Слайд 19

We have shown that in order to master the English language, it is not enough to have a wide vocabulary, but the ability to operate with it in different situations is significant, and it is possible only by understanding the nation whose language we learn.

Слайд 20

Consequently, we set and achieved the aim of our work and, after classifying the main characteristic features of the British which are based on primary sources, there was made the algorithm of the investigated behavior of society and also modeled the essential basic skills which can be gained by every person interested in language awareness and skillful use of the knowledge.

Слайд 21

Thanks for your attention.

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