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English Language Portfolio

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English Language Portfolio

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Слайд 1

by Olena Kononenko School № 5 Monastyryshche Cherkasy Region 2011 Company Logo L o g o

Слайд 2

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Слайд 3

Basic Levels Basic User A1-A2 Independent User B1-B2 Proficient User C1-C2 Description of linguistic fluency at different levels Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Common basis for creating language curriculum, examinations, textbooks Language Portfolio Company Logo

Слайд 4

A collection of students’ work, which demonstrates their skills and accomplishments. It is more than just a group of projects and papers stored in folders. It is used to demonstrate students’ achievements in one subject area or across the curriculum. Company Logo

Слайд 5

For summarative evaluation of student’s outcomes Includes very best completed works, determined through a combination of student and teacher selection Includes analysis and reflections by the student. Shows how the student integrates specific knowledge or skills and progress towards both basic and advanced mastery Emphasizes the student’s reflection upon his learning process Company Logo

Слайд 6

select collect Principles reflect Company Logo

Слайд 7

Portfolios encourage self-directed learning motivate enlarge the view of what is learned foster learning about learning demonstrate progress toward identified outcomes provide a way for students to value themselves as learners Company Logo

Слайд 8

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Слайд 9

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Слайд 10

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Слайд 11

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Слайд 12

making a decision on the part of students and teachers exploring essential questions: *How to select times, materials, etc. to reflect what I am learning *How to organize and present the items, materials, etc. that I have collected? *How portfolios will be maintained and stored? full understanding of the purpose of the portfolio as a means of monitoring and evaluating the progress. Company Logo

Слайд 13

Collect meaningful materials that reflect students' educational experiences and goal Include: stories compositions test results projects audio/video Company Logo

Слайд 14

Portfolios require an element of critical reflection or commentary. This may either be integrated into elements of the portfolio, or be a separate element in its own right. In addition, teacher and/or parent reflections upon the products, processes, and thinking articulated in the portfolio should also be included wherever appropriate. Company Logo

Слайд 15

Portfolios allow to see the student as an individual Bring into focus the strength of each student Clarify possibilities Demonstrate what the student is able to Demonstrate what can be improved Company Logo L o g o

Слайд 16

Facilitate for learning Guide more than before Be a leader of her class Have competence in different methods and strategies Know the importance of building relations Competence to operate in a new learning environment. Company Logo L o g o

Слайд 17

develops the full range of child skills the intellectual skills of describing, drawing conclusions, using the imagination, planning analizing the social skills of making decisions sharing, co-operating, appreciating contributions the learner independence skills of making responsible choices, deciding how to complete tasks, getting information, evaluating results. Company Logo

Слайд 18

Information is easily stored in a computers hard drive, floppy disk, CD, or other means. e-Portfolios enhance computer and technology skills. Experienced gained: Creating Selecting Organizing Editing Evaluating the portfolios Students gain a sense of improvement by displaying, sharing, and presenting their e-Portfolios to teachers, parents, and the community. Company Logo L o g o

Слайд 19

Європейське Мовне Портфоліо: Методичне видання/Уклад. О. Карп’юк.-Тернопіль: Лібра Терра, 2008 http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/portfolio/?l=e&m=/main_pages/portfolios.html http://www.primarylanguages.org.uk/resources/assessment_and_recording/european_languages_portfolio.aspx Європейське Мовне Портфоліо: Проект української версії для учнів 13-17років/Уклад. О. Карп’юк.-Тернопіль: Лібра Терра, 2011 Company Logo

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