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Презентація на тему:
The Influence of English Borrowings on the Image of Kovrov, Vladimir region

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The Influence of English Borrowings on the Image of Kovrov, Vladimir region

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Слайд 1

The Influence of English Borrowings on the Image of Kovrov, Vladimir region. Кабанова Наталья Игоревна. Научный руководитель: Жукова Наталья Владимировна. Муниципальное общеобразовательное учреждение средняя общеобразовательная школа №17, г. Ковров.

Слайд 2

The main aim of my work. I want to try to attract an audience to the problem of soiling our language. The State Duma concerns about English borrowings in Russian. And the result of such concern is the Federal Law on Russian, as a state language of the Russian Federation from May, 20th, 2005.

Слайд 3

Hypothesis: If the process of English borrowings passes such rates in future the population of Russia will speak in English.   The object of my researching is the process of penetration, assimilation and fastening of English borrowings in Russian.   The thing of my researching is the lexical structure of modern English and Russian of languages.

Слайд 4

There are some reasons for borrowings: Worldwide internationalization of the vocabulary. The need in naming new items. The need to make the language more compressive. Richening of the language by more expressive means. The need for specification of the meaning of the word.

Слайд 5

English words in the speech of different generations. At the age of 50-60: They use English borrowings rooted in our language. For instance: сейф, чемпион. The peculiarity of the speech of this generation is to change English words to their mode («прихватизация», «океюшки»). At the age of 30-40: the usage of English words is bound with professional activity. For example: мониторинг, менеджер, офис, компьютер, портфолио, имидж, креативный, бизнесмен, тренинг. At the age of 20-30: they are most susceptible to technical innovations, thus they use English borrowings bounded with computer. For instance: флешка, модем, диск. At the age of 10-20: they use English words from different TV programs, computer games. For example: «Контра» or «Контрал страйк». They use them to look older.

Слайд 6

As for the city of Kovrov. Many English words are literally imposed by journalists for whom they are the original password, the factor of identification with colleagues; it is a vivid example of language snobbery. The majority of words are used without understanding of their true sense. Words from the category «harmful» have no adaptation in Russian language. From the results of sociological interview of the citizens of Kovrov I found that native speakers of Russian feel unfriendliness to words of another language.

Слайд 7

The conclusion. There are no things to worry about the destiny of Russian as a system. It is necessary to lift the language culture simply. Many scientists see a problem not in the language, but in incorrect using of it. The problem is not in a system of the language, but in the level of language abilities of our society. And only the future will show which borrowings will stay in our language and which will disappear.

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