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Презентація на тему:
The Famous People of Ukraine

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The Famous People of Ukraine

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Слайд 1

Слайд 2

“The Famous People of Ukraine”

Слайд 3

Taras Shevchenko (1814 - 1861) a great poet, writer, painter, national Bard of Ukraine and hoted artist

Слайд 4

born in the village of Moryntsi near Kyiv in the family of serfs;

Слайд 5

at the age of 14 was taken by his owner, P. Engelhardt, to serve as houseboy;

Слайд 6

at the age of 18 went to Petersburg and became a pupil of a painter Shiryaiv by name;

Слайд 7

published his first collection of poems, “Kobzar” in 1840;

Слайд 8

painted the picture “Katherine” where expressed his own protest against the tragic fate of the serf woman in 1842;

Слайд 9

wrote his drama “Nazar Stodolia” in 1843

Слайд 10

became a member of the Kyiv Archeographic Commission and wrote his famous verse “Testament” in 1845;

Слайд 11

was arrested and sent to the Orenburg in 1847;

Слайд 12

was arrested again and convoyed to Kyiv in 1859;

Слайд 13

died on Sunday, February 26, 1861 in his alone room;

Слайд 14

was buried in St. Petersburg but his remains were transferred to the Chernecha Hill near Kaniv, in Ukraine

Слайд 15

Mykhailo Hrushevskyi (1866 - 1834) the most distinguished Ukrainian historian, publicist, the principal organizer of Ukrainian scholarship, prominent civil and political leader:

Слайд 16

was born in September in Kholm (now Khelm in Poland); graduated from Kyiv University in 1890; received a master’s degree and was appointed professor of the chair of Ukrainian history at Lviv University in 1894; was elected president of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in 1897;

Слайд 17

was one of the founders of the Society of Friends of Ukrainian Scholarship, Literature and Art; became one of the fouders of the Society of Ukrainian Progressives and the leader of the Ukrainian Movement in 1908; was arrested and exiled to Simbirsk, then to Kazan and Moscow in 1914; was elected chairman of the Central Rada in 1917; was elected president of the Ukrainian National Republic in 1918.

Слайд 18

Volodymyr Vernadskyi (1863 - 1945) a famous Ukrainian scientist,

Слайд 19

was born in March. His father was professor of Political economy of Kyiv University; graduated from St. Petersburg University in 1885; headed the group of Ukrainian Scholars that drafted the project for founding the Ukrainian academy of sciences in 1918 ; became the first Ukrainian Academician in 1919;

Слайд 20

organized the Radium Institute in Petrograd in 1921; organized the Radium Institute in Petrograd in 1921; directed the Radium Institute and a Laboratory for Geochemical Problems from 1926; is one of the founders of geochemistry and biogeochemistry.

Слайд 21

Oleksander P. Dovzhenko (1894 - 1956) a famous producer,

Слайд 22

- was born in the village of Sosnytsia in Chernihiv region, - graduated from the Glukhiv Pedagogical Institute in 1914; was a student of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts; worked in the Odessa cinema factory and made a film “Zvenyhora” in 1928;

Слайд 23

- came to work in the Kyiv Film Studio in 1929; made a film Zemlia”(Land) in 1930 which was estimated as one of the best films of all times and people at the World exhibition in Brussels in 1958;

Слайд 24

- worked in the “Mosfilm” studio and created many documentary films; was the author of an autobiographic story “The Spellbound Desna”.

Слайд 25

Ivan K. Avazovskyi (1817 - 1900) the most prominent seascape

Слайд 26

was born in Crimea in the seaside city of Feodosia on July 17, 1817; was introduced to O. Pushkin as a greatly promising artist in 1836; settled in Feodosia for good because of his deep affection for the Black Sea and his native city in 1845;

Слайд 27

- created his masterpiece “The Tenth Wave” in 1858; founded the Gallery in Feodosia in 1880;

Слайд 28

died in the night on April 18, 1900; his famous works are “The Black Sea” “Venice” “The Moonlit Night in the Crimea”, “The rainbow”.

Слайд 29

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