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"The cuisine of the United States"

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"The cuisine of the United States"

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Слайд 1

The cuisine of the United States. American cuisine — is various styles of cooking in the USA. American cuisine - mixed up with some culinary traditions of the American Indians and immigrant cultures

Слайд 2

Day begins with a cup of coffee or juice and flakes with milk or toasts and wafers with jam or peanut butter

Слайд 3

For a breakfast and a lunch with cooking of especially don't trouble. Sandwich - the most popular version of a house lunch. Still it can be salad. They drink Coca-cola or Ice-tea

Слайд 4

For a supper to prepare a barbecue from beef on a grill, chicken meat or pork with sauces and spice

Слайд 5

Americans very love apple-pies, donuts and fast-food. Because some American people is fat.

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