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The court system of Great Britain

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The court system of Great Britain

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No distinct division between criminal and civil cases!

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Not trained lawyers A panel of magistrates (3) passes judgments. Impose a punishment: - imprisonment - fines, - discharge

Слайд 6

Deals with appeals Tries more serious crimes Presided by a judge + jury (decide guilty/innocent) 4. Jury = 12 (chosen at random from the local electoral register)

Слайд 7

Magistrates’ courts have concurrent jurisdiction with the County Courts and the High Courts in cases relating…… Cases are tried by judges sitting alone The judge hears uncontested matters, mortgage repossession claims and small value claims Cover more complicated civil cases + some criminal cases Deal with the appeals cases of exceptional importance, complexity or financial substance are reserved or transferred for trial in the High Court

Слайд 8

Is the highest and final court of appeal in England and Wales (Scotland has it’s own system ------------------- The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg The European Court of Human Rights

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Слайд 10

Handle most legal matters Draw up documents Communicate with parties Present clients’ cases in magistrates’ court Have to pass the Law Society Exam Are experts in the details of particular areas of the law Attend one of the 4 Inns of Court in London Are “called to the bar” Associate with senior barristers Put the letters QC Tend to come from the upper strata of society Not supposed to talk to clients (but for presence of S) Acquire skill of eloquence in public speaking

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