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Презентація на тему:
Sports in Britain and Russia

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Sports in Britain and Russia

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Слайд 1

Sports in Britain and Russia Today we revise and speak about: Vocabulary; Kinds of sports; Winter Olympics in Sochi; Sports in our lives;

Слайд 2

Let’s revise the vocabulary! Think of nouns and make up phrases: play take part lose set win participate try II. Make up sentences: am / at/ I/ said/ good / basketball / be/ to; lost/ last/ was/ unfortunately/ our/ time/ the/ by/ championship/ team; brilliant /have /Russian /records/ athletes/ set /at/ competitions/ world /many;

Слайд 3

Sports in GB British people are known to be great sports lovers. They prefer to take part in different sports rather than to watch them on TV. The ability to play games well is highly appreciated (ценится) in GB. Many words denoting sports games are English. Can you think of such sports?

Слайд 4

The most English Sports: Soccer (English football) Cricket Golf Tennis Can you name any other sports games? What are national Russian sports in your opinion?

Слайд 5

Are you good at sports? Let’s check your home task and make assumptions about each other. What sports are we good at? Don’t forget to use may / might / must +V

Слайд 6

Extreme Sports Do you know any extreme kinds of sports? Many people try extreme sports because they want to get some adrenaline and to test their abilities. And would you like to try any extreme sports? Why? Why not?

Слайд 7

These words can be helpful: Exciting; Dangerous; Thrilling; Challenge; Test one’s abilities; Cause harm;

Слайд 8

News Sochi will host the Olympic Games in 2014. Russia will host its first ever Winter Games. What do you think of it? What are the advantages and the disadvantages? Fill in the table: Advantages Disadvantages

Слайд 9

Sports in Your Life Do you often play sports? What are your favourite sports? Do you prefer to participate or to watch sports on TV? Comment upon the following: A sound (здоровый) mind in a sound body. Sports is a challenge (вызов) you send to yourself.

Слайд 10

Test Yourself I can name no less than 10 kinds of sports in English; I can understand and use most English words and phrases on the topic; I can find advantages and disadvantages of an event; I can express my opinion on the topic; I can speak about the role of sports in my life.

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