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Спорт у Великобританії

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Спорт у Великобританії

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Слайд 1

The motto of our lesson: We' ll be good We' ll be fine We' ll be clever Every time!

Слайд 2

Topic . Sport in Great Britain

Слайд 3

Aims: – speak about popular sport in Britain – practice sport lexical material – read, watch and discuss the information about famous sport places in Britain – organize well game, group, pair work – try to understand as more as possible information during the lesson S P O R T LOGO

Слайд 4

Say your opinion about sport using the following phrases: Good shape to keep feet to be healthy, strong, fast, agile to build character to win and to lose to be organized and disciplined healthy mind and healthy body to go in for sport give us joy and pleasure a lot of energy and time to broke legs, arms, unhappy to watch sport competitions LOGO

Слайд 5

What sports were invented in the UK? LOGO

Слайд 6

What are the most popular sports in the UK? LOGO

Слайд 7

What are the most popular teenagers’ sport in the UK? Pony - trekking LOGO

Слайд 8

What sport is it? LOGO

Слайд 9

The English is a sporting nation

Слайд 10

Find information about this popular English games and fill in the table Sport Team (players) Ball Golf Cricket Rugby Football Tennis Squash 2 players a small soft rubber ball LOGO

Слайд 11

How do you feel? LOGO

Слайд 12


Слайд 13


Слайд 14

Sport Team (players) Ball Golf 2 or 4 players a small hard ball Cricket 2 teams, 11+11 a small ball Rugby 2 teams, 15+15 an oval ball Football 2 teams, 11+11 a round ball Tennis 2 players a small ball Squash 2 players a small soft rubber ball

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