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Презентація на тему:
"Sights of Great Britain"

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"Sights of Great Britain"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Sights of Great Britain

Слайд 2

Great Britain, complete official form - United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. The state consists of four "historical provinces“: England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. The capital is a city London, one of the largest cities of Europe and major world financially-economic center. Official language - English.

Слайд 3

Abbey of Bettl An abbey of Bettl is a tumbledown abbey in a small town Bettl, not far away from a city Gasting, in the county of Susseks, Great Britain. It is built in place of famous battle at Gastings

Слайд 4

Abbey saint Avgustin Abbey saint Avgustin - abbey in Canterbury, in Middle ages serving as the burial vault of archbishops of Canterbury and kings of Kent. Monument of World heritage(1988).

Слайд 5

Abbey of Skun and palace of Skun The abbey of Skun is located not far away from a city Pert in Scotland. It was founded by the monks of avgustins at the beginning the XII century, on different sources, in an interval between 1114 and 1122 for years.

Слайд 6

Admiralty arch An admiralty arch is imposing building with five through passages in beginning of street Mell, near cross-country Charing-cross and Trafalgar Square. An arch is put at the beginning the XX century by king by Eduard VII in memory oh the great mother, queen Victoria.

Слайд 7

Adrians billow Adrians billow - defensive strengthening as an earthen billow, built by Romans on territory of Britain.

Слайд 8

An aquarium is "Marine life" Aquarium "Marine life" it is impossible not to visit - he is in the center of city, tourists unchanging appear next to him. Opposite - Big Ben, alongside is "Eye of London" and gallery of "Teit Modern".

Слайд 9

An arch of Wellington The arch of Wellington is sanctified to victory of Britain in Napoleon's wars. She looks like the famous parisian relative, and, although looks more modest, immortalizes the real victory exactly she: nevertheless duke Wellington broke up Napoleon at Waterloo, but not vice versa.

Слайд 10

A barrier of Thames A barrier of Thames is grandiose building, protecting London from floods. In the XX century of flood with human victims brought down on the British capital two times, in 1928 and in 1953. Englishmen decided that standing the disorderly conduct of element is more impossible.

Слайд 11

The Abbey Church An abbot church of saints of Peter and Paul is in Bat, anymore known as Church an abbey is a magnificent gothic temple, masterpiece of perpendicular gothic, one of the greatest gothic churches in the West of Britain.

Слайд 12

The tower "of Окsо" The tower " of Окsо", standing on the south bank of Thames not far away from the bridges of Blekfraers, is well visible with the opposite embankment of Victoria. This building looks unusually is a from a red brick facade going out on Thames, and actually tower of light-grey color with strange windows look as two different structures.

Слайд 13

Big Ben Big Ben - this nickname of main bell of horologium of the Westminster palace. There is tradition to baptize church bells and give the name of some saint to them, but this bell, probably, got the nickname in honour a sir Benjamin Holl, managing works on setting of bell. Weighing almost in 14 tons and in three meters high, it the second-largest bell of Great Britain after Large Paul is bells of cathedral Saint Paul in London.

Слайд 14

Beachy Head Beachy Head – chalky cliff on the south coast of Great Britain, in a county East Susseks, near a city Istborn. A height of cliff is a 162 m, it is the highest chalky rock of Great Britain.

Слайд 15

Blackpool tower Blackpool tower - visiting-card of city, most knowable symbol of Blackpool. In 1889 the of that time mayor of Blackpool John Bikerstaff returned from the World exhibition, where on him produced the unforgettable impression Eiffel Tower. He decided that his city needs something a like also.

Слайд 16

Blackpool tram A tram is in resort city Blackpool - not simply type of public municipal transport, but also one of main tourist sights of city, and also original museum on wheels.

Слайд 17

British museum The British museum is a main historically-artistic museum of Great Britain, one of the largest museums of the world. Seven million his exhibits tell about history and culture of humanity - from the moment of origin and to our days.

Слайд 18

British museum of golf Scotland is considered the motherland of golf. The oldest and famous fields for golf are located in city Sent-Endrus, on the east coast of Scotland, and not surprising, that exactly here, next to the eldest field, there is a museum of golf, telling about history of this game from middle Ages to our days, about woman and masculine games, about history of rules and about that, how an equipment changed.

Слайд 19

Westminster abbey A cathedral church of saint Peter is in Westminster, anymore known as the Westminster abbey, is a traditional place of coronation and burial place of kings of Great Britain.

Слайд 20

Windsor wheel of review Windsor is a small city that is located not far from the capital of Great Britain of London. However due to that here is an official residence of the British monarchs is the Windsor lock - this city uses large popularity for tourists, both British and foreign.

Слайд 21

Train station of Seint-Pankras Train station of Seint-Pankras - more than train station. Firstly, it one of the greatest monuments of victorian architecture. Secondly, it is a huge trade-entertaining complex with an oyster bar the greatest in Europe the bar of champagne and other charms

Слайд 22

A gallery of Kurto A gallery of Kurto is a small artistic museum being in Komerset-hause, on Strende. British " Telegraph" so wrote about him: "One from the greatest in the world of small artistic museums". Contradiction here is not present: local collection will drive to admiration of any judge.

Слайд 23

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