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Second conditional

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Second conditional

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Слайд 1

Second conditional (Type 2) MEANING : Unreal present action , but likely to happen in the future

Слайд 2

WHEN TO USE? 1. We use to talk about imaginary situation contrary to facts in the present; 2 . We use to give advice .

Слайд 3

HOW TO USE? If clause Main clause Past Simple or Past Continuous Would / could / might+ bare infinitive

Слайд 4

Example 1 If I saw a ghost, I would run away. (but I haven’t seen a ghost – untrue in the present)

Слайд 5

Example 2 If I were you I would not buy this dress. (advice)

Слайд 6

REMEMBER ! 1.When the if-clause is before the main clause , we separate the two clauses with a comma. If I won 10000 $ , I would buy an expensive car. 2.In the if-clause of Type 2 conditional, we use were instead of was in all persons. If I were you, I would try harder.

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