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Pre-school education: Nursery schools or kindergartens Most parents take their children to nursery schools or kindergartens at the age of three. The children usually spend all day long there. At the age of 4-5 they are taught to count, read and write the letters. They also have the lessons of Drawing and Handicrafts. Sometimes they learn English too. Pre-school education is not compulsory and is fee-paying.

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The general secondary education in Ukraine begins at the age of 6 and is free of charge in state schools and fee-paying in the private ones.

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Stages of Secondary Education: Primary (elementary) school the 1st-4th grades Basic secondary school the 5th-9th grades Upper secondary school 10th – 11th grades

Слайд 5

School Subjects Primary School: Ukrainian, Math, I and Ukraine, Russian, Health and Body Care, Physical Education, Music, Drawing and Handicrafts, Foreign Language (English, German, French, etc.) Children start learning a foreign language in the 2nd form in all secondary schools. Basic Secondary School: Ukrainian Language and Literature, Foreign Literature, Russian, English, German, Math, Health and Body Care, History of Ukraine, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Art, Physical Education, Physics, Music, Handicrafts, Civics Upper Secondary School: Ukrainian Language and Literature, World Literature, Russian, English, German, Algebra, Geometry, Geography, History of Ukraine, World History, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education, Physics, Economics, Civics, Computer Science

Слайд 6

NEW TYPES OF SCHOOLS: Gymnasiums Lyceums Colleges These are the schools where capable students develop their skills. The curriculum in those types of schools include such new subjects as: History of World Culture, History of Religion, two foreign languages, and choreography together with the traditional school subjects.

Слайд 7

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine has developed the National Curriculum and the State Standards in the main fields of science. All the subjects in the secondary schools are obligatory but there are also elective courses that students of senior grades can take. The Independent Testing System in core school subjects has been introduced recently. The results of the tests not only summarize the level of knowledge a student has after finishing a secondary school but give the student a chance to continue his/ her education in colleges and universities.

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