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Слайд 1

Reported speech Statements, questions, commands and requests Page *

Слайд 2

Statements Ken: “I had a terrible row with Pauline a few days ago and she has kicked me out.” Mike told Isobel that Mike had had a terrible row with Pauline a few days before and she had kicked him out. What differences can you see in these two sentences? Page *

Слайд 3

Statements We use reported speech when we are telling someone what another person said or thought, but do not use their exact words. When we report a statement, we use reported verbs such as say, tell, explain, inform, state, decide etc. often followed by that. Page *

Слайд 4

Changes in reported speech Page *

Слайд 5

Tense change Present Simple Past Simple Present Continuous Past Continuous Present Perfect Past Perfect Past Simple Past Perfect Future Conditional Page *

Слайд 6

Questions Mike: “What are you going to do?” Mike asked Ken what he was going to do. Mike: “Are you all right, Ken?” Mike asked Ken if he was all right. What differences can you see in these sentences? Page *

Слайд 7

Questions In reported –wh questions, we us the wh- word + the subject + the verb. In reported yes/no questions, we use if/whether + the subject + the verb. We do not use the interrogative form of the verb: do/does/did As it is an indirect question, no question marks are used. We use reported verbs: ask, wonder, want to know etc. Page *

Слайд 8

Commands and requests Ken: “Don’t spread it around, Mike.” Ken asked Mike not to spread it around. Mike advised Ken:”Make it up with Pauline!” Mike advised Ken to make it up with Pauline. Page *

Слайд 9

Commands and requests When we report requests, orders, advice or warnings we use verbs such as advice, ask, beg, tell, order, etc, followed by an infinitive. NB In negative requests/commands use NOT before TO. Page *

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