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Презентація на тему:
Reported Speech

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Reported Speech

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Слайд 1

She said _______________ Nick said_______________ Mary said________________ He said ________________ “I’m cleaning my room now”. “I’ve just cooked the soup”. “My grandpa has been skiing for two hours”. “I love you, granny”.

Слайд 2

They said to him_____________ Mum said to us__________ We said to them___________ Jane said to me _____________ “My grandma was knitting at that time”. “We watch a very interesting film yesterday”. “I had washed up by 4 o’clock”. “At that time Kate had been picking apples for an hour”.

Слайд 3

The teacher asked her pupils______________ Jim asked Bill __________ Sam asked his father________ Tom asked me _____________ “Are they happy?”. “What did you read yesterday?”. “Where are you going to hike next week?”. “Will you take me to the match tomorrow?”.

Слайд 4

The boss asked the secretary______________ She told me __________ and I offered___________ Susan refused___________ Helen suggested _____________ “Shall we go to Patrick’s party?”. “Please post this letter”. “I’ve got a headache”. “Can I get you an aspirin?” “No, I won’t wash the dishes”.

Слайд 5

The doctor advised Alice______________ Mum suggested __________ John apologized________ The boy ordered his dog _______ “Don’t move”. “You should stay in bed”. “ Let’s go to the library”. “ I’m sorry, I’m late”.

Слайд 6

Nick promised______________ She wanted to know _______ Dan wanted to know________ She said _______________ “I’ll visit Paris one day”. “I’ll help you to find the mistake”. “ Dad, why are you laughing?”. “ Have you already finished the project?”.

Слайд 7

He wanted to know__________ Bob said to Helen _______ Dick begged the doctor________ She said _______________ “We are going to visit my cousin”. “How much do your pies cost?”. “ I was very glad to meet you, Helen.”. “Please, please help me”.

Слайд 8

I asked Kim __________ They wanted to know ______ Paola asked ________ Jack wanted to know _________ “Where are you, Ben?”. “Where are you running, Kim?”. “ Is your car new?”. “Can I help you, mum?”.

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