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Слайд 1

Grammar Study: Reported Speech Next

Слайд 2

We use the Reported speech: Next When we are telling someone what another person said or thought, but do not use their exact words. For example Mark said that he wanted to live in London.

Слайд 3

Please, note that: Quotation marks are not used in reported speech. Verb tenses, pronouns and some “time” and “place” words may change because the time, place and speaker may be different. When we report a statement, we use reported verbs such as say, tell, explain, inform, answer, decide, etc. often followed by that. Next

Слайд 4

In reported –wh questions, we use the wh- word + the subject + the verb. We do not use the interrogative form of the verb – do, does or did. Next As it is an indirect question no question marks are used When we report requests, orders, advice or warnings we use verbs such as advice, ask, beg, tell, order, etc, followed by an infinitive.

Слайд 5

Verb tense changes: Next Present simple Direct speech Reported speech Past simple Past Simple Past Perfect Present continuous Past continuous Present perfect Past perfect Present perfect continuous Past perfect continuous Future Conditional

Слайд 6

Place changes Direct speech Reported speech here there This place That place Next

Слайд 7

Time changes Direct speech Reported speech now then Today / tonight That day / that night This morning That morning yesterday The day before Tomorrow The following day Last month The month before Next

Слайд 8

Personal Pronouns changes Direct speech Reported speech I He, she you I, she, he, we, they we they Me Him, her You Him, her, us, them Us them Next

Слайд 9

Possessive Pronouns changes Direct speech Reported speech my His, her your My, his, her, our, their our their mine His, hers yours Mine, his, hers, ours, theirs ours Mine, his , hers, ours, theirs,

Слайд 10

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