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Презентація на тему:
Publications and Presentations in English

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Publications and Presentations in English

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Publications and Presentations in English Prof. Edo Forsythe Hirosaki Gakuin University

Слайд 2

Introducing Edo TESOL 2006 ACTFL 2009 NECTFL 2009 TESOL 2009 JALTCALL 2011 JALT 2011

Слайд 3

Presentation Topics Why publish and present in English How / Where to Publish Creating a Presentation in English Preparing to Present Giving a Great Presentation Teaching Presentation Skills

Слайд 4

Why English?

Слайд 5

English is the new Lingua Franca and the world is now flat. We are all Global Citizens and our peers are everywhere.

Слайд 6

Today’s Key Point! Keep It Simple Make It INTeresting

Слайд 7

How to Publish in English Most major journals are also online They want international authors Technology makes access easy

Слайд 8

Practice writing research papers Start short and progress to longer papers Write in Japanese first Translate into simple and clear language Have a native speaker check Find the right publication Follow their submission guidelines closely How to Publish in English

Слайд 9

Things to Remember When submitting articles, remember Word limits / length matter Follow right style (APA / MLA) Send everything needed Be careful with images / tables / charts and Follow the rules and you’ll be published.

Слайд 10

Where to Publish? Try presenting at a conference and publishing in the proceedings

Слайд 11

Where are Conferences? Journals & magazines have conference calendars Professional groups often host conferences and provide calendars Ask your colleagues

Слайд 12

You’ve been selected, now what? Plan Prepare Practice Present Follow the 4 P’s:

Слайд 13

Plan your Presentation Plan: Who is your audience What to say – contents When to say it – organization What to show – research data How to show it – graphics / charts What to wear – be professional

Слайд 14

Parts of a Presentation All presentations have 3 parts: Introduction Body / Information Summary / Conclusion For teachers: have students learn and practice each one separately

Слайд 15

Prepare your Presentation Don’t rely on slides too much. Remember Communication is the key Use language you know Think about possible questions

Слайд 16

Creating Effective Slides Don’t try to tell every detail on the slide. Slides give highlights – YOU give the details. Let’s compare 2 slides to see which is better.

Слайд 17

Introducing Edo TESOL 2006 ACTFL 2009 NECTFL 2009 TESOL 2009 JALTCALL 2011 JALT 2011

Слайд 18

Background about Edo Forsythe I served 21 years as a Russian translator in the US Navy. I taught Russian for 8 years in California and in Maryland. I retired in 2010 and moved back to Japan to teach at Hirosaki Gakuin University. I have given presentations around the world about learning foreign languages and using technology in language learning. I teach English conversation, American History, and business English. I hope to share some of my experiences with you to help you publish and present your research in English.

Слайд 19

Choose pictures carefully – keep it balanced Talk about all of the items on the slides Creating Effective Slides

Слайд 20

Make text easy to read Use bullet points Use simple language Creating Effective Slides

Слайд 21

Practice your Presentation Practice makes perfect In a mirror Record yourself With colleagues

Слайд 22

Present Yourself Be confident You are the expert They are here to see you RELAX-Don’t Panic !

Слайд 23

Keys to Your Success in English Publishing Japanese 1st Translate into English Check by native speaker Follow guidelines Presenting (4 P’s) Plan Prepare Practice Present

Слайд 24

Follow these tips and you have this Instead of this

Слайд 25

For Teachers Presenting is a skill; teach it like a skill Set aside class time Find a textbook or resources Break it down into parts Practice until perfect Put it all together Remember: Teaching also requires

Слайд 26

Technology can Help Here’s a short video that might help.

Слайд 27

Thank You Very Much For a copy of tonight’s presentation, please visit www.slideshare.net/EdoForsythe/

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