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"World Heritage Sites in Canada"

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"World Heritage Sites in Canada"

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World Heritage Sites in Canada

Слайд 2

Banff National Park Canada's oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Canadian Rockies. The park accommodates numerous glaciers and ice fields, dense coniferous forests and alpine scenery. The main commercial center of the park - the town of Banff in the valley of the Bow River.

Слайд 3

Moraine Lake (glacial lake)

Слайд 4

Lake Louise

Слайд 5

Castle Mountain

Слайд 6

Lake Minnewanka

Слайд 7

Kootenay National Park Park holds a luxurious mountains, lakes, as well as cold springs. This site was mined "red earth", or red ocher to paint. In the park there as hot springs and cold springs. Hot springs are in Sinclair Canyon and Redwall Fault. Cold springs, rich in iron, located in the Paint Pots

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«Red earth»

Слайд 11

Jasper National Park The park was founded in 1907. Located in the province of Alberta. Is the largest reserve in the Rockies. The park is one of the most visited tourist destination of environmental facilities in Canada. There are hotels, ski slopes, golf courses and other recreational infrastructure.

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Слайд 16

Yoho National Park Park received the name from the exclamation of the Cree. The park is situated in mountainous terrain with a large difference in altitude, from the glaciers on the mountain tops, to the numerous lakes, waterfalls in the valleys, as well as canyons and limestone caves. Often there are fossils.

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