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"Home rules for children"

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"Home rules for children"

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Слайд 1

Home rules for children Kolnoshenko Liza

Слайд 2

Home rules for children There are a lot of rules for children at home. If children are at home alone, they mustn't take any scissors, bottles of chlorine, matches and other unsafed things in their hands.

Слайд 3

Home rules for children Children mustn't take a shower alone, because they can sink. Also they mustn't sit at the windowsill, so children can fall and break a leg or a hand.

Слайд 4

Home rules for children Children mustn`t open the door to the strange people, these people can be thieves. Children mustn`t use medicines without parents` permission, because they can die.

Слайд 5

Home rules for children Gas is very dangerous. If at home it smells gas, you must call to gas service, so you can poison. Children mustn`t touch electrocute it can happen the closing of electricity and the fire begins. It is very dangerous.

Слайд 6

Home rules for children When the fire starts a child must call to the fire service. In such way a child can safe himself. инуяша If children use these rules, it will be easier to live. You must be careful every day. You must protect yourself from different and dangerous situations.

Слайд 7

Home rules for children Fire can burn Fire can heal Fire can destroy Fire can create Fire is my enemy Fire is my friend Fire can kill Fire can save Fire is here Fire is there Fire is not here Fire is not there Fire will burn forever 

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