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Слайд 2

AT HOME Instilling good habits in children

Слайд 3

authority Enjoy reading books, spend time as a family, share affection, pray daily, shop together, help in chores like serving, help in offering ,do not disturb parents while they are on the phone

Слайд 4

One place for each thing and each thing has its place

Слайд 5

Help to hang clothes, study regularly, eat properly, learn house- hold chores from mother, spend time talking to your children, learn and eat properly, watch TV from a distance and do not overeat when you are bored, keep yourselves well groomed, share house-hold chores

Слайд 6

Do not listen to loud music, stand in a line before boarding the school, spend quality time with your children, don’t be messy, do not lick your plate, keep your work table neat ,learn to help each other, spend time eating together, do not pile up laundry

Слайд 7

Being Healthy, Wealthy And Wise Exercise regularly, eat healthy food, take bath daily, do not give up easily, healthy mind requires a healthy body, do not spit everywhere

Слайд 8

Early to bed and early to rise, flush toilet before and after use, cycle to school, eat good breakfast, wash hands regularly, meditate regularly, eat a healthy diet,eating together as a family is a good practice

Слайд 9

At School Maintain order while eating, hold hands of elders, wash hands before and after eating, keep things place, have safety sign near the school, being organised while doing an activity, throw litter into thr bins, share food during break/meal times, sit quietly while watching a TV programme

Слайд 10

Keep your work place organised , Wash hands before eating, play without fighting, read together, be friendly with everyone, ask for permission before talking, listen carefully to instructions, Respect your teacher, do your homework regularly,

Слайд 11

Gratitudegratitude Include everyone while playing, teach children to wash hands, allow resting time during school hours, never forget to thank

Слайд 12

Safety At All Times Do not talk on cellphone while driving, wear your seat belt, do not look closely at the iPad screen, obey traffic signals, be safe while swimming, cycle with helmet on, do not look out of the window. Safe driving

Слайд 13

Cross street at the pedestrian crossing, have a helper controlling traffic

Слайд 14

Go Green Grow more trees, celebrate green life, save energy, Love trees, use paper bags, Planting trees is a good lesson for children and adults

Слайд 15

Habits For All Ocassions Don’t be on the phone for too long, do not point at others, do not be greedy for food, watch TV from a distance, don’t bite your teeth, do not drink and text at the same time, do not tell lies. remember pinnochio

Слайд 16

Gratitudegratitude Don’t bite your finger nails, don’t miss meals because you are angry, don’t stick your tongue out, do not dig your nose, don’t suck your fingers, do not demand for things by crying

Слайд 17

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