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children’s city of professions

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children’s city of professions

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Слайд 1

by Lina F. is the first reconstructed model of the adult world in miniature in Zaporizhzhya.

Слайд 2

MiniZP, also advertised as children’s city of professions, is the first working model of adult society scaled down for Ukrainian children.

Слайд 3

A children’s city is a reflection of a real city and of its urban fabric. The dynamics of real urban life thus influence the way in which children play in the children’s city and make use of its spaces.

Слайд 4

The fact that the children’s city mirrors the real city, with all its institutions and organizational patterns, not only defines the content of the game, but also provides roles for the participants.

Слайд 5

MiniZP offers the choice of 50 profession. Whoever enters the play city necessarily becomes part of urban life within it, whether as an active participant or as an observer.

Слайд 6

Economy, politics, administration, work and daily life, media, science and cultural production are structuring pillars of the game and out of its systems arise job descriptions, impetus for activity and opportunities of interaction.

Слайд 7

The play city is structured by streets and squares, alongside which key institutions like the town hall, restaurant, workshops, bank, advertising company, garbage collection service, university, carpenter’s shop, taxi garage, hospital, post-office, airport, police station and many others.

Слайд 8

There are also TV and radio studios, newspaper office, a theater and an art school, a supermarket, a fitness center and a number of other venues found in any modern city.

Слайд 9

MiniZP will give children a taste of what life is like as an adult.

Слайд 10

The End!

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