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Презентація на тему:
Healthy Food. Home and Restaurant Food

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Healthy Food. Home and Restaurant Food

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

“Healthy Food. Home and Restaurant Food”.

Слайд 2

Мета: практична: розвивати вміння працювати у групах, парах; формулювати навички вживання активної лексики; удосконалювати практичні навички письма. освітня: навчити планувати зміст повідомлення та розвивати комунікативні здібності учнів. розвиваюча: розвивати мовленнєві вміння, вміння правильно вживати структуру Past Simple в усному та писемному мовленні.

Слайд 3

Healthy Food

Слайд 4

English Poem Breakfast in the morning Dinner in the day Tea comes after dinner Then comes time to play.   Supper in the evening When the sky is red Then the day is over And we go to bed.

Слайд 5

Answer the questions. When do you have breakfast? Do you have dinner every day? When do you have supper? Does your mother like to cook meals?

Слайд 6

This is a vegetable. This is not a sweet vegetable. It is long. Its colour is green. You can eat it in a salad. What is it? Сucumber

Слайд 7

This is a vegetable. This is a sweet vegetable. It is long. Its colour is red and orange. You can eat it in a salad or soup. What is it? carrot

Слайд 8

lemon This is a fruit. This is not a sweet fruit. It’s not round. It’s not long. It’s oval. Its colour is yellow. You can have it in your tea. What is it?

Слайд 9

 This is vegetable. This is usually a round vegetable. Its colour is red. You can eat it in a salad. What is it? tomato

Слайд 10

This is a fruit. It is sweet and juicy. It is small and round. It grows on trees. What is it? Peach

Слайд 11

This is a vegetable. It is not sweet. It is big and round. Its colour is green. You can eat it in a salad. What is it? cabbage

Слайд 12

This is a fruit. This is a sweet fruit. It is round. Its colour is red or yellow or green. What is it? Apple

Слайд 13

Make up the proverbs matching the beginning with the ending. 1) An apple a day a) than wealth 2) A tree is known b)drink with measure 3) Eat at pleasure c)keeps the doctor away 4) Health is better d)by its fruit.

Слайд 14

Translate the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. 

Слайд 15

Relax and sing the song An apple a day You won’t have a toothache Keeps the doctor away” You will be OK. And you won’t be tired “An apple a day Unhealthy or pale. Keeps the doctor away”

Слайд 16

    Answer the following questions: Do you like tea? With what do you like tea? Can you make tea yourselves?  

Слайд 17

Listening to the poem “ “ What Do I Like?” I like ice – cream He likes cheese She likes sweets I like coffee I like cookies She likes tea I love you Do you love me?

Слайд 18

Answer the questions: What does he like? What does she like? What do you like? Do you like to have supper in Mc Donald’s?

Слайд 19

Read and complete the text with the past forms of the verbs in brackets. THE FIRST POTATO CRISPS. One day a customer _________ (come) to an expensive New York restaurant. He _______ (order) chips for himself. A few minutes later he _________(tell) the waiter that he __________ (not, like) his chips, because they __________(be) too thick. The waiter ________ (be) very angry. He _______ (go) into the kitchen, ___________ (take) a potato, __________ (cut) it into very thin slices, and _________ (put) the slice into a pan of very hot oil. Then he _________(come) back to the customer. To his surprise, the customer___________ (say) that they ____________ (be) very tasty. They _________ (become) the world’s first potato crisps.

Слайд 20

Take the words from my magic box and classify them as them as healthy or unhealthy. healthy food  unhealthy food  Bread, chocolate, cake, crisps, fried eggs, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, meat, milk, french fries, potatoes, sweets, cheeseburger, hot dog, salad, pizza, soup, bun, fishburger, rice.

Слайд 21

Homework You’ve learnt a lot of about healthy and unhealthy food. Write your healthy menu for lunch.

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