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Презентація на тему:
Food and Health

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Food and Health

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Food and Health

Слайд 2

Does our health depend on food we eat?

Слайд 3

Proverbs and Sayings An apple a day differ. The way to man’s heart not live to eat. To lengthen your life, is through his stomach. Tastes keeps the doctor away. We eat to live, lessen your meal. You are what you eat.

Слайд 4

Use the scheme S1 (w) S2 (wc) S3 (s) S4 (qu) S5 (a)

Слайд 5

Chicken soup Vegetable salad Hot dog

Слайд 6

Salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar If + Present, Present If + Present, will If + Past, would

Слайд 7

Does our health depend on food we eat?

Слайд 8

Useful Phrases Expressing opinion A think A am sure To my mind A believe An my opinion A can say Agreeing Exactly A think so That’s right Absolutely Disagreeing I’m afraid you are wrong Absolutely not A see your point but… On the one hand, On the other hand, I have got an argument to oppose.

Слайд 9

WELCOME to the Discussion Club

Слайд 10

Be polite and tolerant Don’t interrupt each other Ask and answer the questions Listen to a speaker attentively Respect other students’ opinion Rules of the Discussion

Слайд 11

Plants give most of the food that people eat. In many African, Asiat, Latin-American countries, plants give more than two-thirds of food.

Слайд 12

The most important foods from plants are grains,

Слайд 13

Vegetables and Fruit

Слайд 14

Bread, is the main food in many countries.

Слайд 15

People also make breakfast cereals from grains.

Слайд 16

Popular fruits include apples, bananas

Слайд 17

Cherries Melons

Слайд 18

Oranges Peaches

Слайд 19

Pineapples Strawberies

Слайд 20

Most fruits are eaten as snacks, or in a salad or dessert.

Слайд 21

Favorite vegetables include cabbage, carrots

Слайд 22

Onions Peas

Слайд 23

Potatoes Sweet corn

Слайд 24

Vegetables are usually eaten during the main part of a meal.

Слайд 25

They maybe served raw and cooked.

Слайд 26

Other foods from plants include nuts, spices and drinks.

Слайд 27

Coffee, cocoa, tea and many other drinks are made from plants.

Слайд 28

Nuts are popular snacks and can be used in other foods.

Слайд 29

Food industry uses plant materials to make cooking oils, sugar and syrups.

Слайд 30

According to the scientific research plant food is a saurce of vitamins, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates.

Слайд 31

Food from animals eggs meat dairy products includes

Слайд 32

These foods cost more than foods from plants.

Слайд 33

As a result, foods from animals are eaten more in developed countries such as Europe, Australia and America.

Слайд 34

Meat is usually heated before it is eaten.

Слайд 35

Heating makes it tastier and kills microbes that can cause illness.

Слайд 36

Meat is commonly eaten during the main part of a meal.

Слайд 37

Chicken eggs are popular as a breakfast or supper dish or they can be used in other cooked dishes.

Слайд 38

In some countries people enjoy the eggs of such birds as emus gulls penguins

Слайд 39

alligators crocodiles and certain other reptiles People of various countries also eat the eggs of

Слайд 40

Dairy products are important foods in many cultures.

Слайд 41

Cows give most of the milk used in the United States and Canada

Слайд 42

camels goats sheep reindeer Milk is also given by such animals as in other part of the world

Слайд 43

whole milk low-fat milk condensed milk Milk and milk products get to the market in many forms such as

Слайд 44

Other dairy products include butter cheese sour cream

Слайд 45

ice cream kefir yoghurt

Слайд 46

Animal food is very useful

Слайд 47

Eating meat or being a vegetarian?

Слайд 48

Natural (organic) food or GMF?

Слайд 49

I would never buy tomatoes of a big size. GMF could solve the problem of the world hunger. GM cows producing a lot of milk is a craze. People can’t say “no” to all new things. Creating new foods is a progress. People in many countries, especially developing ones, don’t have enough to eat but GMF is not the right decision. Decide who has these opinions: Jan or Tom?

Слайд 50

How would you describe Jan’s and Tom’s opinion on the subject: strongly in favor; strongly against; in favor but with reservations.

Слайд 51

Natural (organic) food or GMF?

Слайд 52

Use the key phrases to give words of advice: to keep fit to be in perfect condition to feel well to be healthy and strong to have stomach trouble to be a real picture of health to be pretty fit to get only healthy food

Слайд 53

The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine.

Слайд 54

Home assignment Write an essay to the newspaper on the topic “Healthy food of the future”. Prepare your own menu based on balanced healthy diet.

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