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Презентація на тему:
Who knows English?

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Who knows English?

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Слайд 2

Choose your question 5 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 15 15 20 15 20 20 20 15 A B C D 1 2 3 4

Слайд 3

Say in one word: coat, shoes, hat, shirt Apple, banana, orange Envelope, paper, stamp, address Clothes Fruits letter «10»

Слайд 4

Make up a sentence: will, a, Jim, fly, kite. like, Do, hide-and-sick, play, to, you? is, a nice, There, room, living, his house, in. Jim will fly a kite. Do you like to play hide-and-sick? There is a nice living room in his house. «10»

Слайд 5

Correct the mistakes: She get up at 7 a.m.. We writed a letter yesterday. 3. Nick can to run very well. She gets up at 7a.m.. We wrote a letter yesterday. Nick can run very well. «10»

Слайд 6

Name fruits and vegetables: corn apples tomatoes oranges cabbage potatoes lemons bananas carrots «10»

Слайд 7

Fill in the table «15» ONE MANY ONE MANY A cat Cats A sheep Sheep A fox Foxes A horse Horses A wolf Wolves A deer Deer A fish Fish A pig Pigs A monkey Monkeys A mouse Mice

Слайд 8

Name objects from the bedroom and the kitchen: A bed A fridge A table A desk A cupboard A bookshelf A wardrobe Books A teapot Cups A table lamp «15»

Слайд 9

Лечу впервые самолетом, А за окошком осень – __________. Капель звенит: динь-динь, динь-динь. Пришла весна – иначе __________. Уже зима! Надень-ка свитер! Зима – иначе будет __________. Лучший сезон! Вы знаете сами, - Конечно, это лето – __________. Complete the rhyme. Use an English word autumn spring winter summer «15»

Слайд 10

Use “play” if you need «15» play tennis - skate play hockey play volleyball - jump - skip play snowballs - ski - swim play football - dance - dive

Слайд 11

Guess the animal It is a kind animal. It usually lives in Africa or in the zoo. It has got a lot of spots and its neck is very long. It is big. «20»

Слайд 12

What does Jack like for breakfast? I like it very much. I usually have it for breakfast. It is brown but it can be white. It is tasty. Children like it. «20»

Слайд 13

What is the season? People like this season because it is warm. We can swim in the river, ride a bike and run in the park. There are a lot of flowers. The answer «20»

Слайд 14

Which is the room? People spend a lot of time in this room. There is a TV-set. There are armchairs, a carpet, a wardrobe. «20»

Слайд 15

Name the animals: A cat A dog A tiger A mouse An elephant A fox A lion A rabbit «5»

Слайд 16

Name these kinds of food: Cheese Milk Chocolate Bananas Oranges Sweets «5» Soup Nuts

Слайд 17

What is the weather like? Hot Foggy Cloudy Rainy Cold Sunny Windy Snowy «5»

Слайд 18

What can they do? Dance Read Jump Skip Ski Skate Swim Play football «5»

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