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Презентація на тему:
Who knows english grammar best?

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Who knows english grammar best?

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Слайд 1


Слайд 2

I. Who knows irregular verbs best? do buy bring give have say see build be write read take swim learn come meet leave go speak make drink

Слайд 3

II. What tense is it? (определите время глагола в следующих предложениях) I have newer been to Great Britain. We play tennis every day. He usually goes shopping in the evening. My uncle built his house 2 years ago. Bob has already done his homework. Nick was watching TV the whole evening yesterday. I had done my homework before my mother came. We had 5 lessons on Monday. They will go to Sochi next summer. Mike will be playing tennis at 5 p.m. tomorrow.

Слайд 4

Check yourself Present Perfect Present Simple Present Simple Past Simple Present Perfect Past Progressive Past Perfect / Past Simple Past Simple Future Simple Future Progressive

Слайд 5

III. Complete the sentences using the worlds: do/does, did, have/has, was/were __ you like to play hockey? - Yes, I __ . __ your father clean his room yesterday? - No, he __ not. __ she gone to school yet? - Yes, she __ . They __ cleaned their classroom. __ you in the park yesterday? - No, I __ not. Helen __ not have breakfast at 5 o’clock.

Слайд 6

Check yourself do/do did/did has/has have were/was does

Слайд 7

IV. Измените глагол to make в предложении в зависимости от обстоятельств времени I (make) a cake Every Sunday Right now Today For an hour Yesterday When he came By 3 p.m. yesterday Tomorrow Tomorrow at 6 p.m. Tomorrow by 6 p.m.

Слайд 8

Check yourself make am making have made have been making made was making had made will make will be making will have made

Слайд 9

V. Try to ask questions I went to the park yesterday. +/- What? Where? Who?

Слайд 10

She works in the garden every summer. +/- What? Where? When?

Слайд 11

They have been to Africa this year. +/- Where? Who?

Слайд 12

Check yourself Did you go to the park yesterday? What did you do yesterday? Where did you go yesterday? Who went to the park yesterday? Does she work in the garden every summer? What does she do in the garden? Where does she work every summer? When does she work in the garden? Have they been to Africa this year? Where have they been this year? Who has been to Africa this year?

Слайд 13

Mind Your Score! 34-37 points – Well done 27-33 points – Good 19-26 points – O.K.

Слайд 14

Thank you for your work!

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