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"Nikanor Onatskiy art gallery"

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"Nikanor Onatskiy art gallery"

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Слайд 1

Nikanor Onatskiy art gallery Sumy regional art museum named after N.Onatskiy is a state museum in the town Sumy. It owes both: works of Ukrainian and foreign art.

Слайд 2

Nikanor Onatskiy with his family Nikanor Onatskiy (1875-1937) is a prominent Ukrainian artist and teacher. He is one of the students of Ilya Ryepin

Слайд 3

A bit of history The museum was founded in 1920 The collection mainly consited of art works from private colletions, including the collection of O.Hansen The building of the museum was built by the architect G.Scholz at the end of the 19th century

Слайд 4

Museum today The museum is located in Sumy downtown It has more than 15000 exhibits The gallery consists of 2 departments: the department of decorative art and the department of folk decorative art; One can find works of Borovykovskyy, Kiprenskyy, Shevchenko, Zhemchuzhnikov, Ayvazovskiy. The painting on the background was created by Cherednichenko O. and is called ‘The cape, the road’

Слайд 5

The museum also contains a lot of ancient coins and sculptures It has recently gained popularity thanks to different exhibitions

Слайд 6

“Horsewoman”,the painting of Polish artist Julius Cossack

Слайд 7

The painting of unknown Italian author,called ‘The sacrifice of Abraham’

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