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The National Gallery

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The National Gallery

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Слайд 2

Слайд 3

Слайд 4

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

1836 plan of the National Gallery and Royal Academy, signed by the architect William Wilkins

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Floor plan of the National Gallery (piano nobile level only) as of 2010

Слайд 9

Слайд 10

The Trafalgar Square facade, designed by William Wilkins(1837–9)  

Слайд 11

The Barry Rooms, designed by E. M. Barry (1872–76)  

Слайд 12

The Staircase Hall, designed by Sir John Taylor (1884–7) 

Слайд 13

Ten reasons to visit the National Gallery

Слайд 14

Get into great art From Leonardo da Vinci to Vincent van Gogh See priceless works of art for free

Слайд 15

Get creative Fun for all age groups Brush up your skills, create your own masterpiece Family workshops 5–11s Talk and Draw Visit as a family

Слайд 16

Be inspired Life, death, passion, beauty Every painting tells a story Explore the collection online Take the Be Inspired audio tour Explore room by room

Слайд 17

Learn about art Discover more about paintings Talks, tours and online guides Learn about art Paintings in depth Events at the Gallery

Слайд 18

Relax Take time out Escape from the city into a painting

Слайд 19

Meet Grab a coffee or a glass of wine in the heart of London

Слайд 20

Have a good lunch... ...Brunch, tea or dinner Great places to eat at the Gallery National Café National Dining Room

Слайд 21

Shop Exclusive gifts, specialist books and prints of every painting

Слайд 22

Listen and enjoy Live music Concerts at the Gallery every week

Слайд 23

Cinema at the Gallery Screenings, lectures, and paintings that inspire the filmmakers

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