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Презентація на тему:
Magic world of fairy tales

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Magic world of fairy tales

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Слайд 1

Magic world of fairy tales Lesson for junior pupils English teacher: G.N.Gavrilevich

Слайд 2

What fairy tales are they?

Слайд 3

What fairy tales are they?

Слайд 4

Decode the names of the animals xof cordocile tca rahe rbae myneko odg mesuo fox crocodile cat hare bear monkey dog mouse

Слайд 5

Rhyme the words rat hare frog fox cow horse parrot mouse

Слайд 6

dog cat rabbit duck pig cow bunny piglet puppy kitten calf duckling Help the babies to find their parents

Слайд 7

Take the basket and go to your granny. This porridge is too hot to eat. I have two sisters and a step mother. Who lives in the house? Little pig, let me come in. Match the words of fairy tales' characters with their titles. -The mitten. - Cinderella. -Red Riding Hood - Three little pigs. -Three bears. -Red Riding Hood -Three bears. - Cinderella. -The mitten. - Three little pigs.

Слайд 8

1.What is the name of Crocodile Gena's little friend? 2.Where is Winnie the Pooh from: Great Britain or America? 3.What fairy tale character likes to eat jam? 4.Who goes to her granny? 5.What animal likes honey? 6.What is the name of chickens' mother? Fairy tale quiz

Слайд 9

Слайд 10

Do your best, your very best And do it every day Little boys and little girls, This is the wisest way. No matter what you try to do At home or at your school, Always do your very best There is no better rule. Teacher's wish

Слайд 11

Good luck !

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