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Королівська родина

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Королівська родина

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Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (1900- ) Wife of King George VI of England. She was born Lady Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, and on 26 April 1923 she married Albert, Duke of York, who became King George VI in 1936. Their children are Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.

Слайд 5

26 April 1923 she married Albert, Duke of York, who became King GeorgeVI(1895-1952) King of Great Britain from 1936, when he succeeded after the abdication of his brother Edward VIII, who had succeeded their father George V) .

Слайд 6

Their children are: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret.

Слайд 7

Elizabeth II (1926- ) (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1952, the elder daughter of George VI. She married her third cousin, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, 1947.

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They have four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward.

Слайд 14

The Prince Charles. The Prince was born at Buckingham Palace on 14 November 1948. He was christened Charles Philip Arthur George in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr .Geoffrey Fisher. Prince Charles lived in Buckingham Palace until he was eight months old .

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Слайд 17

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY On 29 July 1981 The Prince of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer in St Paul's Cathedral. From the time of their marriage, The Prince and Princess of Wales went on overseas tours and carried out many engagements within Britain together.

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Слайд 19

They had two children.

Слайд 20

Prince William and Prince Harry

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Слайд 24

Diana Spencer was born on the first of July 1961, in Sandringham in England. She was a kind woman. Hundreds of people talked about Diana's kindnesses. She liked ordinary people, though she was rich and had many rich friends. Wherever she was, she was always ready to lend a hand. She was devoted to the sick and the poor.. She wanted to give them a part of her soul, to make them happy because she was unhappy herself. She wanted to give them love, because she needed love herself.

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The marriage of The Prince and Princess of Wales was dissolved on 28 August 1996.

Слайд 28

On 31 August 1997, a year after the Prince and Princess divorced, Diana was killed in a car crash in Paris, along with her companion Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul.

Слайд 29

Last photo of Diana’s life.

Слайд 30

Clarence House announced on 10 February 2005 that Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles were engaged.

Слайд 31

The end

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