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Презентація на тему:
Geography in English

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Geography in English

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Geography in English Habitats and homelands Big and small islands Natural wonders

Слайд 2

What country can you see? 1. England 2. Great Britain 3. The United Kingdom 4. Britain

Слайд 3

Do you know the names of the British Isles? NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST

Слайд 4

Different British Isles a popular tourist destination suitable for growing flowers a shipwreck museum a tiny island

Слайд 5

Make up a short story, express your opinion The name of the island Location Area Geography Famous sights or interesting places Reasons for visiting

Слайд 6

A group of mountains where water comes up from below the ground a large mass of ice where two rivers meet deep rocks A natural place with plants and animals falling water a small river that flows into a larger river A wild place, natural place useful and valuable trees 1 3 5 7 9 2 4 6 8 10 Quiz : DO YOU KNOW AMERICAN NATURAL WONDERS?

Слайд 7

Natural wonders CALIFORNIA CANADA ALASKA IDAHO ARIZONA THE NORTH AMERICA CALIFORNIA The Horseshoe Falls The Great Lakes Death Valley The Grand Canyon Giant Redwood and Bristlecone Pine Trees The Glacier Bay Old Faithful

Слайд 8

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone is the first and the oldest natural park in the world. On March 1, 1872 Yellowstone was dedicated as a public park for the enjoyment of the people and for the preservation of all natural wonders and their retention in their natural condition. There are more geysers and hot springs here then in the rest of the world. It has a large area of 3468 square miles. Yellowstone was called so because the river which flows here has water of yellow colour. The colourful Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, fossil forests and the elevation of the yellow Lake make them an unmissable destination. It’s the place with 600 different kinds of trees and plants and 200 kinds of birds such as swans, white-haired sea eagles and white pelicans. Many rare animals live here – black bears, bisons, deer, elks, steppe wolves and others. Yellowstone is a true wilderness, one of the few large, natural areas which must be protected and preserved.

Слайд 9

Word bank To be dedicated- to be formed, opened Elevation- greatness Fossil- made of stone Retention- preservation Deer- a beautiful, fast animal with antlers Elks- a forest animal with horns =antlers Swans- beautiful, white birds with long necks Eagles- big birds with excellent sight, fly very high

Слайд 10

What do you remember?

Слайд 11

Listen to someone booking a holiday and complete the form

Слайд 12

Check your information July 28-th Anne Maurice near the beach or have a swimming pool Florida 17th may 1965, British August 7th 79, London Road, Bristol self-catering house/ apartment 2 1 USA

Слайд 13

Where would you like to go? Choose the interesting destination Task: Complete the form with your personnel information

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