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Презентація на тему:
Famous and Successful Person

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Famous and Successful Person

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Слайд 1

Famous and Successful Person.

Слайд 2

1 Discuss with your classmates and decide what makes a successful person? A successful person is a person: who lives separately (отдельно) from his family who is independent in his relations with other people who doesn't have friends and doesn't rely on other people who shares everything he / she has with other people who works hard every day to become better and cleverer People who succeeds by his / her own efforts alone who thinks of himself more than about other people

Слайд 3

Who is Successful Person? Yuri Gagarin- a famous Russian spaceman. Alla Pugacheva – a famous Russian singer.

Слайд 4

Who is successful Person? Walt Disney-a famous American producer ,made some of the world’s most magical films. Charlie Chaplin –a famous American actor and producer. Mother Teresa –a missionary nun She headed a worldwide religious organization dedicated to serving the poor. Irina Rodnina –a famous Russian skater, Olympics champion.

Слайд 5

Who is successful Person? The Beatles –first performed in Liverpool in 1959.the Beatles changed pop music forever. Garry Kasparov – is real successful person. He won world championships many times. Galina Ulanova- a famous Russian ballet dancer

Слайд 6

Famous persons from Apastovo Sara Sadikova- a famous Tatar composer, singer, actress. She is from village Tutaevo. Shavkat Galiev- a famous Tatar poet. He was born in Bakirchi. Ferdinand Salahov – a famous Tatar singer. He is from Apastovo too.

Слайд 7

Активная лексика An owner ambitious A person equal/unequal An opportunity own An ambition self-made To succeed successful To own (a house) independent

Слайд 8

3 Translate the phrases. Create your own sentences. own—his own idea / with my own eyes(свой)-mind your own business (собственный),- on my / his / her own (alone)-владеть) to own a house an owner (владелец ) —He has become the owner of a company .equal -(равный) -equal opportunities . All men are created equal . equally (поровну )—to share something equally between.. .unequal ( неравный) —unequal chances /opportunities

Слайд 9

Translate the sentences from English into Russian It was his own idea to live separately from his family. Everybody’s principal goal in USA is to own a house. The constitution states that people have equal rights. He has no equal. He is not equal to the task.

Слайд 10

Л 6 Read the names. Match. Use the Linguistic and Cultural Guide if necessary. "Abraham Lincoln ['eibreham 'lirjkan] Walt Disney ['wait 'dizni] Jack London ['cfeaek 'kndn] Levi Strauss ['levi 'straus] Neil Armstrong ['ni:l 'cumstrorj] Bill Gates ['bil 'geits] "White Fang", "Martin Eden jeans Microsoft Disneyland one of the greatest US Presidents the Moon

Слайд 11

Say which ideas in the text you agree or disagree with? Why? Statement Nobody is going to hand you success on a plate. If you want to succeed ,you’ll have to make it on your own. If at first you don’t succeed it, try, try and try again Reason You should work hard to achieve your success. You should be hard working ,industrious and persistent. It is very important to do your best every day. It ‘your life and it’s up to you to decide which way to choose.

Слайд 12

Homework Ex 1,p .110.Write three phrases about one of successful people of Tatarstan. Ex 2 ,p.110 Translate from Russia into English.

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