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English in Use

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English in Use

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Слайд 1

English in Use Lay and Lie

Слайд 2

Look at the differences Lay – to put or place Lie – to be in a particular position Lie – to say sth. that is not true

Слайд 3

Now look at the table

Слайд 4

infinitive lay past laid past participle laid present participle laying meaning to put or place object yes

Слайд 5

infinitive lie past lay past participle lain present participle lying meaning to be in a particular position object no

Слайд 6

infinitive lie past lied past participle lied present participle lying meaning to say sth. that is not true object no

Слайд 7

infinitive lay lie lie past laid lay lied past participle laid lain lied present participle laying lying lying meaning To put or place To be in a partic. position To say sth. That is not true object yes no no

Слайд 8


Слайд 9

Lay The mourners laid the flowers on the grave

Слайд 10

Lie The book was lying open on the table

Слайд 11

Lie Don’t ever lie to me again!

Слайд 12

Exercise Complete the sentences with the correct form of appropriate verb – lay, lie, lie

Слайд 13

There’s nothing more relaxing than ……… on the beach sunbathing.

Слайд 14

Lesly was furious when she discovered her boyfriend had been ……………… to her.

Слайд 15

The bricks were …………. one on top of the other.

Слайд 16

If you’re feeling tired, why don’t you go and ……….. down.

Слайд 17

The prisoner was forced to ………. in order to protect his family.

Слайд 18

Martha ………… her head on the pillow and fell asleep at once.

Слайд 19

The businessman was accused of ………… to the investigating committee.

Слайд 20

The thrill of being archeologist is finding objects that have ……… buried in the earth for centuries.

Слайд 21

Don’t spend the afternoon …….. around doing nothing – do something constructive!

Слайд 22

The children ………… the table for tea.

Слайд 23

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