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We are lucky to learn English

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We are lucky to learn English

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Слайд 1

We are lucky to learn English

Слайд 2

Brainstorming ideas Do you think it is important to know English? Why? How can we use it? What are, in your opinion, some of the best ways of learning English?

Слайд 3

Participate or not? It’s very beneficial to participate in a student exchange program debate

Слайд 4

Rules of Behaving We should respect the customs and traditions of the country; We should follow the rules of the family; We should be friendly; If you have any problems-we should speak about them to our coordinator

Слайд 5

Great Britain and the USA quiz 1. The British flag is called: A. The Union Jack B. The Union Flag C. The Maple Leaf 2. British kings and queens are crowned at… A. Westminster Abbey B. St. Paul’s Cathedral C. Buckingham Palace

Слайд 6

3. The Tower of London was started by… A. Julius Caesar B. William the Conqueror C. Henry VIII 4. The birthday of the United States is celebrated… A. On December,25th B. On March,8th C. On July, 4th

Слайд 7

5. What color are the taxis in New York? A. green B. black C. yellow 6. Prince Charles, the eldest son of the British queen, has the title of… A. Prince of Wales B. Prince of Scotland C. Prince of England

Слайд 8

7. Which University did Bill Gates go to… A. Harvard University B. Yale University C. Columbia University 8. The national emblem of Scotland is… A. Rose B. Thistle C. Violet

Слайд 9

9. What is Harrod’s? A. a bank B. a department store C. a school 10. When did Christopher Columbus discover America? A. In 1592 B. In 1692 C. In 1492

Слайд 10

11. Where in the United States can you find the Golden Gate Bridge? A. San Francisco B. Los Angeles C. Chicago 12. What is the national musical instrument of Scotland A. Trumpet B. Bagpipe C. Guitar

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