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"11-Day Italian Adventure Tour"

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"11-Day Italian Adventure Tour"

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Слайд 1

11-Day Italian Adventure Tour Prepared by Nellia Aldarkina Margarita Butkova Polina Kochurova Viktorija Rubalka Form 10a Specialized school # 11

Слайд 2

Have you ever wanted to visit to the Opera, try real pizza? Have you always dreamed of water trips on the canals of Venice? If you haven’t lived your dream holiday yet,here’s your chance to do all these things and more!

Слайд 3

Слайд 4

Italy is one of the mysterious and ancient countries of the world. When you arrive in Italy, you find yourself in a fairy tale where there are no problems and concerns. The air is filled with the freshness, and your holiday suggest to make a comfortable and delightful.

Слайд 5

Accommodation Stay in family luxorious 5-star hotels-single or double rooms and suites available.

Слайд 6

Entertainment Sunbathe on the beautiful beaches of Sardinia, Tuscany. Skiing in the Alps.

Слайд 7

Entertainment To do shopping in the famous boutiques of the world.

Слайд 8

Entertainment Try a variety of delicacies: Pizza Pasta

Слайд 9

Italian Salumi Italian cheese

Слайд 10

Italian meat Italian Fish

Слайд 11

Italian Sweets

Слайд 12

Italian fruits Cedro

Слайд 13

Italian wines

Слайд 14

Other activities Visit all important cities of Italy with their galleries, museums, monuments of history. Bue souvenirs. Relax.

Слайд 15

Important cities Rome Coliseum

Слайд 16

Trevi Fountain Pantheon

Слайд 17

Vatican San Pietro Square Swiss Guards

Слайд 18

The pope The head of catholic organization

Слайд 19

Milan Dome Milan

Слайд 20

Venice San Marco Square Venice Channel. Tipical Venice boat: Gondola

Слайд 21

Other Famous monuments Pisa Tower Florence Dome

Слайд 22

Genoa Port Pallio di Siena

Слайд 23

Total cost Single room: €3.500 Double room: €5.000 Suite: €6.000

Слайд 24

Thank you!

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