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New Zealand:travelling tour

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New Zealand:travelling tour

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Слайд 1

(things necessary to know and feel convenient) NEW zEALAND

Слайд 2

RULE 1: If you can’t do without smoking, the limits are: max. 200 cigarettes max. 50 cigars max. 250 gr. of tobacco

Слайд 3

RULE 2: The warmest months are: December-March The coldest months are: June - August The Climate is: Maritime

Слайд 4

Don’t forget about the time difference: RULE 3: 10 h.

Слайд 5

RULE 4: The capital city is Wellington(the largest one): The Sky Tower (sightseeing place)

Слайд 6

RULE 5: The rate exchange is: 1.3 NZD 1 USD = Currency exchange offices, as well as banks work: From 9:00am - 4:30pm

Слайд 7

RULE 6: The shops work: From 9:00am - 5pm Though in tourist cities: From 9:00am–7 or 9pm Tips are available only in large cities. They are 5-9%

Слайд 8

RULE 7: The most popular transport is bus 20 km. 3 NZD 30 NZD

Слайд 9

RULE 8: To make a long distance call you are to have special cent coins. New Zealand - Ukraine = 2.5-3 NZD

Слайд 10

RULE 9: "Kumar", or sweet potatoes, is a major component of the national cuisine. You can have dinner have that will cost between 25-130 NZD

Слайд 11

= 3 NZD = 2-7.5 NZD

Слайд 12


Слайд 13

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