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Презентація на тему:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Слайд 1

Mark Twain The lesson of home reading in the fifth form English teacher : Victoria Lisakovich 25.12.2013 School 61. Mariupol,Ukraine «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer» Is the Hymn of Childhood

Слайд 2

Mark Twain and his Books You know a man by his friends Books Are Our Friends K

Слайд 3

The First meeting Aunt Polly And Tom "There was something about aunt Polly's manner, when she kissed Tom, that swept away his low spirits and made him light hearted and happy again". Mark Twain and his Characters

Слайд 4

name: samuel langhorne clemence Pen-name: mark Twain ( the call of the mississippi pilots) Job:a printer,A sailor,a journalist,a writer year of birth: 1835 Place of birth:Florida,missouri,the uSA lived and worked: buffalo,new york State;harford,connecticut state Childhood:father lawyer,the leader in all the boys’ games,fond of swimming Why famous: best short story writer and the greatest humourist in america year of death: 1910 Facts about Mark Twain

Слайд 5

Unscrumble the letters and guess the words from the text: •licocky mpsymsto--colicky symptoms •tevesgainti--investigate •thuensiams--enthusiasm •seblemira--miserable •ferifsung--suffering •eltrebm--tremble •ofrvegi--forgive •argon--groan •esloo--loose •nywa--yawn Mark Twain and his Book «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer»

Слайд 6

”The Adventures of Tom Sawyer “ Tom. His Likes and Dislikes Tom liked adventures tom didn’t want to go to school

Слайд 7

Tom was lazy but inventive. He hates school. The boy was energetic and merry. Tom was witty. Mark Twain`s Сharacters Tom Sawyer с

Слайд 8

Tom,Huck,Becky,injun Joe, Aunt Polly,Tim,Sid,The Widow Douglas,Mr.Jones… The Characters of the book ”The Adventures of Tom Sawyer “

Слайд 9

«Tom Sawyer is Mark Twain`s hymn to the secure and fantastic world of boyhood and adventure»

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