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Презентація на тему:
Computer maintenance and operations

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Computer maintenance and operations

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Computer maintenance and operations

Слайд 2

Bits Bytes Chips Clocks Bits in bytes on chips in box. Bytes with bits and chips with clocks. Chips in box on ether-docks.

Слайд 3

What is the computer? Do you have a computer at home? Сan you work on a computer? Сan you use a computer only for work? Can you make computer programs? How much time a day do you spend in front of the computer ?

Слайд 4

– Computers can transfer money from one account to another. – Computers can be used to organize thousands single pictures used to make cartoons. – Computers are used to send and print the signal from machine to machine. - Chess can be played with the help of computers. – A hospital patient’s health can be analyzed by a computer. – Some companies use computer – controlled robots. – Computers help guide planes by giving pilots important information such as speed and altitude. – Books and other materials are checked out by using computers. Each book has a bar code. – Reporters write their articles on the computer. – Computers are used to control much in television.

Слайд 5

Слайд 6

Слайд 7

Слайд 8

Слайд 9

Слайд 10

Слайд 11

Read the text and find the equivalents of the following words: клавиатура, принтер, устройство, жёсткий диск, программное обеспечение, процессор, память, существенный, немедленно.

Слайд 12

Read the text once more time and put each of the following words in its place in the passage below. software computers peripherals calculator ports monitor keyboard configuration hardware printer

Слайд 13

Complete the paragraph using the words above: close, open, rename, save, delete, create, move, copy Compress, directories, folders, subdirectories, subfolders

Слайд 14

Match the words in the box with their definitions below. Then compare your answer with the partner. Click, menu, Cursor, icon, Word processor … is a list of computer operations. … is a small picture or symbol. … is software for aerating text files. … means to press and release the button on the mouse. … is a little arrow on the screen that moves when you move the mouse.

Слайд 15

Work in pairs. Make up your dialogues. Ask each other questions: Do you have a computer at home? Are you a computer wizard? How much time do you spend at your computer? How do you use your computer? Do you have an access to the Internet? How often do you surf? When do you usually surf?

Слайд 16

Discussion. Work in groups. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of computers answering questions. Express your own attitude to computers using the table and the given phrases: What do you think of computers? What is the best thing about computers? What is the worst thing about computers? What would life be like without your computer?

Слайд 17

As for me I think…. I think that…. To my mind the computer… extremelyinteresting educational games play computer games exciting useful important for you help to learn foreign languages useEnglish helpgetinformation help do a lot of things faster and better to do shopping online to send emails to find information to join chat groups help connect people who lives so far away from each other it saves time forallages badforyoureyes wasteoftime likedrug dangerous

Слайд 18

PUZZLE TIME Do this puzzle on given cards and you’ll read the name of one of the most successful computer companies. This small box is used to operate a computer. A document on your computer A device which is used to transfer photos and texts to your computer. To make a computer better or able to do more things This looks like a typewriter and has the keys you need to press It can be hard. It can be floppy. A device which allows your computer to send messages along a telephone line. An unfriendly or rude e-mail. To start a computer.

Слайд 19

Information about the Microsoft. In 1975 two friends: Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft and very soon it became a business success. In 1980, Gates bought a small company which produced an operating system called DOS. He made some changes to it and renamed it MSDOS. He sold the rights to use this system to IBM. Since 1980 MSDOS has been the standard operating system for all PCs. Microsoft has also developed such well – known programs as Windows, Excel and Internet Explorer.

Слайд 20

What? Who? The topic of the lesson 1 noun What kind? The characteristic of the topic 2-3 adjectives What does it do? 3 verbs Personal opinion about the topic A sentence containing 4-5 words New associations with the topic 1 noun, synonym, association

Слайд 21

Thank you for the lesson and Goodbye, friends!

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