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Презентація на тему:
"Computers in our life"

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"Computers in our life"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Computers in our life

Слайд 2

Nowadays computer is a part of our life

Слайд 3

A computer is an electronic machine which can be used to store, process and display data

Слайд 4

We know many types of computer: A personal computer A desktop A laptop A notebook A subnotebook A palmtop

Слайд 5

The central idea of computing system is that input is processed into output

Слайд 6

The potential uses of computers are infinite. We use computer everyday: in school, in work, at home

Слайд 7

Computer help you to use Internet. Internet is a network of communication and information

Слайд 8

All people can use Internet how they want: some people for studies, some for distraction.

Слайд 9

Internet can help you quickly search all information what you want. Its very help in studies.

Слайд 10

Also you can use Internet in your wish:

Слайд 11

Write and publish blogs

Слайд 12

2. Download a files

Слайд 13

3. Send e-mails

Слайд 14

4. Find new friends from another countries

Слайд 15

5. Play online games

Слайд 16

But be careful! In Internet on you waiting danger!

Слайд 17

In every moments you can get sacrifice of criminal

Слайд 18

Is very easily rules “How defend yourself in Internet”: Never publish personal photos

Слайд 19

Never call your phone or credit card number Never download a file an pirates pager

Слайд 20

Used computer and Internet with mind, and be in safety

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