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Презентація на тему:
About Computers

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About Computers

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Technology changes our interactions, our sense of the world and each other. Melissa Cefkin, IBM Ethnographer

Слайд 4

In less than 50 years, computers have influenced practically every field of activity. Many of the routine activities today are being performed by computers. Use of computers has reduced the paperwork. Now most of the work is done directly on the computers. The traffic in large cities is controlled by computers. Automation in banks and railway stations have provided relief to the public and staff alike. Ticketing and reservation have become more efficient and convenient. Various types of games like chess and cards can also be played on computers.

Слайд 5

On the other hand in today’s world we are totally living in a computerized world and we have lost the human element.

Слайд 6

Many of the routine activities today at home and in business are done by computers. The computer has proved a friend and servant of science, technology and industry. Most offices, shops, factories and industries use computers. The Internet is a storehouse of information. The computer is a boon to all. Telecommunication and satellite imageries are computer based. Computers have made the world a global village today.

Слайд 7

On the other hand many companies have transitioned their information totally to computers and software packages that has moved many people out of jobs.

Слайд 8

The computer takes on an essential part individual’s daily life in particular at the office location, colleges and even inside the house. Most countries have developed fast due to computerization. Writing a program is essential for a computer. Speed, accuracy, reliability, and integrity are the main characteristics of a computer.

Слайд 9

On the other hand we are completely dependant on computers and our ability to do task on our own has become very limited.

Слайд 10

Listening to music has become very difficult to appreciate today because of digital equipment that can enhance sound and give the impression of a great artist when indeed it is just the computer. Computer generated music takes away the authenticity of a musician.

Слайд 11

In medical diagnosis, computers are being used to locate and investigate accurately and precisely abnormalities and diseases. Business transactions and high volume of associated data are easily managed by using computers.

Слайд 12

One can get railway and air tickets booked online. This saves one from the trouble of standing in a queue for long hours. One can also apply for a job or admission in a school or a college by filling the application form online. This saves time and energy. One can also see results of any examination on the Internet.

Слайд 13

The computer gives us many benefits. They can be used as typewriters. When equipped with telephone modems, with the help of computer we can chat across the world. Teleconferencing and video conferencing are also possible. The internet helps us to keep in touch with family and friends. One can get information about every subject known to man, ranging from government law and services. trade fairs, conferences, market information, education, society and politics.

Слайд 14

Everybody uses the computer nowadays

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