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Амерекансикй театр

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Амерекансикй театр

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Слайд 1

Theater of the United States

Слайд 2

Theater of the United States is based in the Western tradition. Regional or resident theatres in the United States are professional theatre companies outside of New York City that produce their own seasons.

Слайд 3

Before the first English colony was established in 1607, there were Spanish dramas and Native Americans tribes performed theatrical events.

Слайд 4

The birth of professional theatre in America may have begun with the Lewis Hallam troupe that arrived in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1752.[citation needed] A theater was built in Williamsburg in 1716, and, in January 1736, the original Dock Street Theatre was opened in Charles Town, South Carolina. In any case, The Hallams were the first to organize a complete company of actors in Europe and bring them to the colonies. They brought a repertoire of plays popular in London at the time, including Hamlet, Othello, The Recruiting Officer, and Richard III. The Merchant of Venice was their first performance, shown initially on September 15, 1752.

Слайд 5

In 1821, William Henry Brown established the African Grove Theatre in New York City. It was the third attempt to have an African-American theatre, but this was the most successful of them all. The company put on not only Shakespeare, but also staged the first play written by an African-American, The Drama of King Shotaway. The theatre was shut down in 1823.

Слайд 6

Earlier styles of theatre such as minstrel shows and Vaudeville acts have disappeared from the landscape, but theatre remains a popular American art form. Broadway productions still entertain millions of theatregoers as productions have become more elaborate and expensive

Слайд 7

At the same time, theatre has also served as a platform for expression, and a venue for identity exploration for under-represented, minority communities, who have formed their own companies and created their own genres of works, notably East West Players, founded in 1965 as the first Asian American theatre group.

Слайд 8

East West Players

Слайд 9

Broadway Across America is a presenter and producer of live theatrical events in the United States and Canada since 1982. It is currently owned by Key Brand Entertainment (KBE), who purchased it from Live Nation in 2008

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