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Слайд 1

Taking a Gap Year in Ukraine

Слайд 2

What is a GAP YEAR? Can we define it? vacation, provided the student or senior secondary vocational school for medical reasons and in other cases

Слайд 3

The grounds for issuing the order is: - medical reasons - personal request of the student and the conclusion of the expert committee of clinical health care; - other exceptional cases - the personal statement of the student and a document certifying the reason for academic leave, indicating the reason

Слайд 4

Gap year provides an opportunity for students: - to solve their problems (health or other), - to prepare for training, - rest of education other

Слайд 5

Teaching abroad Expeditions Voluntary / Charity work Conservation projects Sports activities Employment Learn a Language / short courses Leisure

Слайд 6

Advantages Self-reliance Maturity Teamwork Managing money and making plans Thinking time Course-related experience Money to study Broaden outlook

Слайд 7

Disadvantages Time/year behind Continuity/loss of momentum Distraction Cost/debts

Слайд 8

The main disadvantage gap year is a student misses an important year of study.

Слайд 9

Thorough research and smart planning can be an excellent way of developing skills which are highly valued by potential employers

Слайд 10

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