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Press in Ukraine

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Press in Ukraine

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Слайд 1

Press in Ukraine

Слайд 2

Today Ukraine has a large variety of newspapers and magazines

Слайд 3

Every newspaper has its readers

Слайд 4

Business newspapers

Слайд 5

Healthy way of life

Слайд 6

car fans newspapers

Слайд 7

women’s magazines

Слайд 8

special newspapers for children

Слайд 9

puzzles, crosswords,horoscopes

Слайд 10

One can find newspapers of all kinds: national and local

Слайд 11

The Press   

Слайд 12

1.The main story today is about… 2.The editorial is about… 3.The most interesting feature article is about… 4. There is an advice column on page…, a crossword puzzle on page…, a cartoon on page…, and ads on page… 5. The most interesting business article is about …, and the biggest sports story is about… 7. The most striking photograph shows…

Слайд 13

(an editorial, to come out, to carry, home news, dailies, foreign news) 1.Newspapers in all countries publish a lot of advertisements. 2.In addition to national daily papers there are local papers published in every town. 3.Local papers publish local, national and world news. 4. As a rule each paper begins with a leading article. 5. The majority of magazines are issued monthly.

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