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Known composers of the world

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Known composers of the world

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Слайд 1

Known composers of the world The Composer is a person, composing music

Слайд 2

Ludwig van Beethoven He was born on December, 17, 1770 in Bonn, Vestfaliya. Beethoven died on 26 March 1827 (56 years) in city Vein. Years his activities 1782-1827 in country Holy Roman empire, Austrian empire. His professions : composer, pianist and he played the piano, violin. Created the genre of the classical music.

Слайд 3

The House, where was born the composer. Beethoven at 30 years A little later he has written the oratorio "Christ on Oil-bearing grief", ballet "Creations Prometheus", the First and the Second symphony. From young composition of the composer known three baby sonatas and several songs, including "Woodchuck".

Слайд 4

Mocart Volifgang Amadey He was born on January, 27, 1756 in Zalicburg,Arhiepiskopstvo Zalicburg,Holy Roman empire. Mocart died 5 December 1791 (35 years) in city Vein, Holy Roman empire He worked the composer, organist, fiddler, bandmaster, teacher and played the organ, violin, harpsichord.

Слайд 5

Yogann Sebast Van Bah The Monument Bah in Leipzig Yogann Sebastiyan was born on March 21 1685 in a big family.When he was nearly ten, he has lost both parents and lived with senior brother, church musician. Naybolishey success Baha - a title of the cantor, church composer, in TomaskVrhe in Leipzig. There he created their own famous product : "Passions on Yogannu" that "Passions on Matfeyu" and more than 300 cantatas.

Слайд 6

The end Thank you for attention. Hope you liked

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