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"Famous English painter Anthony van Dyck"

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"Famous English painter Anthony van Dyck"

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Слайд 1

Famous English painter Anthony van Dyck Performed by Rozhkova Anastasіya Form 10

Слайд 2

Anthony van Dyck

Слайд 3

Crowning with Thorns Anthony van Dyck grew up in a large family of a wealthy merchant of Antwerp. In ten years, he began to study painting. Since 1617 was the closest assistant of Rubens, and in 1618 he became a member of the Guild of St. Luke. The first surviving independent works van Dyck ("crowning with thorns," around 1620, "St. Martin and the poor", 1620-1621 gg.)

Слайд 4

Family Portrait van Dyck quickly became fashionable portrait painter and created another picture ("Family Portrait" circa 1620-1621 gg.)

Слайд 5

Portrait of Cardinal Guido Bentivoglio The artist has created the whole gallery of portraits of the Italian aristocrats. In the image of cardinal Guido Bentivolo (1622-1623). This work has caused delight in contemporaries and followers of the poet. One of them has declared, that paints van Dyck – « an authentic flesh and blood, light and a transparency ».

Слайд 6

Charles 1, king of England, on hunting In 1632 Van Dyck moved to London. King Charles I Stuart hospitably met artist and set it to noble rank. Van Dyck became the first artist King and should work with numerous portraits of members of his family. In 1635 a thoughtful portrait of Charles I, shown on a hunt among the wonderful landscapes.

Слайд 7

Portrait of Philadelphia and Elizabeth Uorton (second half 30th of XVII century)

Слайд 8

Venus asking from the Volcano the weapon for Aeneas

Слайд 9

Capture of the Christ under the guard Maria with the baby the Christ and with aid donors

Слайд 10

Copper snakes

Слайд 11

Sacred Ekaterina's mystical betrothal

Слайд 12

Rest on a way to Egypt

Слайд 13

Portrait of court ladies Anna Dalkit and countesses Morton

Слайд 14

Pieta Sacred Rosalia

Слайд 15

Portrait of Isabella Brant

Слайд 16

Portrait Margirita Lotharingian, duchesses Orleanskoj

Слайд 17

Sacred Francisc Xavier

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