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Презентація на тему:
A medieval english village and its inhabitants

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A medieval english village and its inhabitants

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

A medieval village and its inhabitants There was no land without a master

Слайд 2

Three estates The clergy The nobility Peasants Merchants Craftsmen

Слайд 3

The problem of the lesson Who was a real master of the land in the Middle Ages?

Слайд 4

The plan of the lesson Feudal lords and peasants. The community of peasants. Hard life of peasants. Natural economy.

Слайд 5

Feudal lords were landowners (manor) – the land which belonged to a feudal lord and where peasants worked The landowner’s land The peasants’ plots of land Feudal estate

Слайд 6


Слайд 7

Feudal lords and peasants Duties Corvee (the work of peasants on the land of the feudal lord) Metayage (a part of products) Quitrent (money) the forced work for the use of land

Слайд 8

Whose life was more difficult? Why? Two groups of peasants Freehold Villeins (serfs)

Слайд 9

Community protected the peasants; divided the fields between families; was in charge of common meadows, forests, roads; kept order on the lands; kept traditions; helped the poor people.

Слайд 10

Daily Life of a Peasant in the Middle Ages

Слайд 11

The life of a peasant in the Middle ages was hard.

Слайд 12

A breakfast of a peasant includes pottage or broth

Слайд 13

Working in the fields – was the main activity

Слайд 14


Слайд 15

Tools of peasants.

Слайд 16

Holidays in the Middle Ages

Слайд 17

So the life of peasants in the Middle Ages was harsh, full of work and trials.

Слайд 18

One day from the peasants’ life

Слайд 19


Слайд 20


Слайд 21


Слайд 22


Слайд 23

Thank you for attention!

Слайд 24

The natural economy When all necessary for life couldn’t be bought and was made by hands of peasants NATURAL ECONOMY

Слайд 25


Слайд 26

The keys c; b; a; a; b; a; b; b.

Слайд 27

Marks 1 – 2; 2 – 3; 3 – 5; 4 – 6; 5 – 8; 6 – 9; 7 – 11; 8 – 12.

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