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Traditional cuisine of Japan

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Traditional cuisine of Japan

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Слайд 1

Traditional cuisine of Japan

Слайд 2

Cooking on the Japanese islands began in 10-5 millennium BC. At the same time scientists amazed that ancient Japanese not only cleverly used the gifts of nature, but in those early years of civilization knew how to smoke meat, dug "refrigerators" (3-meter hole in the ground) and knew the properties of edible products.

Слайд 3

Somewhere in the V century BC. e. Japanese engaged in the cultivation of wild plants, but the real era of agriculture began in the third century BC, when they began to cultivate rice fields.

Слайд 4

Rice was not only a staple food, but also the founder of the cultural and culinary traditions of Japan. Rice for centuries was also a universal monetary unit to pay and the services rendered. There is such a thing as "Coke." This is a necessary quantity of rice for one person to live a year. With coca measured position in Japanese society.

Слайд 5

Currently, Japanese cuisine is very popular all over the world. This is due largely to the fact that the Japanese are food philosophically. Healthy, high-calorie, and it is very tasty food - this is the way to longevity.

Слайд 6

I want to bring to your attention some Japanese dishes.

Слайд 7


Слайд 8

Sashimi salad with beet roots and honey-mustard dressing Сашими из свеклы с салатом корн и медово-горчичной заправкой

Слайд 9

Yaki udon (noodles with seafood in Japanese) Яки удон (лапша с морепродуктами по‑японски)

Слайд 10

Assorted sushi rolls Суши-роллы ассорти

Слайд 11

Age Tofu Агэ Тофу

Слайд 12

Main courses

Слайд 13

Japanese pilaf Плов по‑японски

Слайд 14

Tonkatsu Свинина по‑японски

Слайд 15

Japanese sea bream with sauce nittsuke Японская дорада с соусом нитцуке

Слайд 16


Слайд 17

Creme caramel with lemon grass, chili, sake and anise Крем-карамель с лимонной травой, чили, саке и анисом

Слайд 18

Manju - a kind of sweets wagashi Japanese pastry with sweet bean paste anco.

Слайд 19

Dango-they are rice balls on a stick sweet sauce poured Mitarashi. Japanese sweets are different from other sweets and views, and the method of preparation and the lack of sweet bean paste anco.

Слайд 20

Delicate Japanese green tea ice cream from the Match

Слайд 21

And the Japanese love Shiba Inu - a breed of hunting dogs bred in Japan. At home is the most popular and widespread . In Japanese Shiba Inu means " Little Dog from the forest , full of bushes ." It has a historical basis , because the breed was originally brought into the bush to hunt small game . That is why the size of small dogs . However, despite its compact size, this small dog breed is quite suitable for hunting large animals such as bears , deer, wild boar .

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Thank you for your attention

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