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The history of tennis in Great Britain

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The history of tennis in Great Britain

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Ланкова Л.А. 8 «В» класс

Слайд 2

Tennis appeared in Britain in the 19 century. Tennis is translated from French as «take, snap». Walter Wingfield invented modern tennis. He used as a basis a French game «Real tennis» which was popular among French aristocracy. Originally French tennis players beat off the ball by a hand Walter Wingfield

Слайд 3

Wimbledon is the most popular tennis Tournament in the world. It takes place in June - July in the British town of Wimbledon. It was founded in 1874. The history of this tournament is as follows

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Strawberries with cream is traditional Wimbledon treat You should have a ball, a racket, a net, comfortable clothing and shoes to play tennis. Men usually wear shorts and a T-shirt, and girls wear athletic skirts and place them over A racket consists of a handle, a circular rim and the strings

Слайд 7

Tennis is very good for your health: it develops your muscles, trains your heart, blood vessels

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