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History of theater

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History of theater

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Слайд 1

Нistory of theater BY Alina Chernyak

Слайд 2

Theater such as we know it, originated in Greece as part of a religious rite. The stage was round, covered with turf, which the faithful danced around the altar of Dionysus. The scene is usually located at the foot of the hill so that the audience sitting on its slopes, could see the dancing.

Слайд 3

This marked the beginning of the traditional Greek theater device - a semi-circle of seats, located on the slopes of the hill. The word "theater" of Greek origin and means "place for inspection."

Слайд 4

In Rome, the first stone theater was built in 52 BC Roman theaters were very similar to the Greek, but they were built on flat ground. The Romans were the first to set the seat in the stalls, but the play was played on the stage of a let down, on which was a screen.

Слайд 5

After the Romans turned to Christianity for millennia theaters were not built. The first modern theater was Farnese Theatre in Parma, Italy. It was built in 1618 or 1619. His scene is not far put forward in the hall, on the ground, and located along one of the walls. In order to separate the auditorium from the stage, the curtain was used, and the change of scenery could not be carried out in full view of the audience.

Слайд 6

The most popular Theaters Our life

Слайд 7

Covent Garden, London

Слайд 8

La Scala, Milan

Слайд 9

Grand Opera, Paris

Слайд 10

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